Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008 Hello 2009

This year's resolutions:
I will exercise more, call my grandma
Tell my family that I love them
Learn more about the world wars, and forget
I will learn a new word each day
Today’s word is "dejected"

And on the top of the list, there's you
I'm going to be with you

This year's gonna be a much better year I hope.
In 2008, I fell, I cried, I picked myself up, I made mistakes, I learned, I hoped, I wished, I laughed, I smiled, I quited, I teared, I regretted. I lost some friends, I cried over them, I made new ones, I laughed with them. I had fun, tears were involved, we were all happy at one point of time in life & I treasured it all.

I remember mom told me in 08, I was gonna do something that would cause me to regret or the incident is gonna stay with me forever. Now looking back, I know it meant. Back then, I cried and told J how fucking worried I was about making mistakes 'cos the biggest mistake I could think of doing then was losing her. And I did. I lost her. I can't agree that this incident is gonna stay with me forever because forever is never enough but I can say that yes this will stay with me, it is a scar. And scars, they are forever, aren't they?

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