Thursday, January 1, 2009

But time means nothing only the love you gave to me, will save me

Call it predictable, yesterday my dream was of you.

Pool party was canceled 'cos it was starting to pour a little. I woke up at 4pm only to find out that half a day was gone and we gotta rush down to their place 'cos they invited mom & dad as well.

And the hangover is really bad. Right up 'til now. It is not getting any better. But the bbq was pretty good I'd say. We started from scratch, no pit no nothing we just did it on our own.

Anyway yesterday class was canceled so Zel & I met up with Che for lunch at 99c sushi.

At 99c sushi again

We went shopping at Plaza Singapura after that. Bought quite a few things! We went home with a cup of Starbucks each on our hands & shopping bags. Yumz

Mom & dad came home a little while after we did..with a new webcam & my hard disk!!

The sandals from the girls as my birthday present :)

Top from Cotton On
250GB hard disk from mummykinz!

Creative webcam from daddykinz!

The cute x-mini speaker mummykinz got me :D

Yay happy me happy me happy me! When we left for dinner, Che left for home. Dinner was good. The partying aftermath was even better.

We went Ice Cold Beer @ Emerald Hill. Shots and drinks, shots and drinks, beer and more beer. Ted hooked up 3 girls. One of them is Dunman's Physics teacher. Hahaha we asked him to go ask for her contact hahaha 'cos she was dared to go up to him and say 'I've been eying at you for quite some time'. Lame I know but it was one of her friends birthday so yeh..

The photos are on Facebook and in the memory card. I did not transfer it to the hard disk just now :( I will upload them here another time. I wanna watch GG now heh heh.

Happy new year.
"I'm someone's baby" made me lose the mood to blog, thanks much.

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