Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can't wait until I breathe flames that burn every precious memory

..is what I'm yearning for right now.
First person I see in the morning when I open my eyes, last person I see at night before I go to sleep. Perfect scenario, no? With you, it definitely is.

On Monday.....
We sat right in front, under Sivam's nose. Made me feel so good! I paid attention, didn't talk much, took down notes and did the two activities! Amazing :)

I bought this new portable Hello Kitty fan, mainly because the weather is a killer I really need one, it could be of real good use these days! It was only $3 at the night market downstairs! I brought it to school so it could be of use when I walk to school or from school. Jems played with it and her hair for stucked on the fan!!!! O.O


You probably think it is impossible but NO WAY! It was stucked right inside. I swear I didn't know it was so serious, I was laughing my ass off at her reaction it was really funny! After she struggled for a good fifteen minutes, I tried helping her remove her hair from the fan without hurting her at all. Guess what this impatient girl did!?!!!


She is nuts, I tell you. It was a lot of hair loss. We got the whole class' attention unknowingly. Someone suggested her to use lighter to burn it -.- thanks much, handsome boy, might as well ask her burn her whole head! And just so you know, he was sitting right at the back of the class. Just imagine the scene in class.......

Bb was doing project with her groupmates and after we were done with class, we left for lunch together. Went Tiong Bahru Plaza again for Qi Ji! We are certainly addicted hehehe

Mine: Mee Rebus

Rojak, to share

Jems' & bff's Nasi Lemak



Our table looked like there was some kind of food feast or celebration going on with so much food!! But we were all fairly quiet. Stressed over monetary issues, and exams. :( this really sucks. I can't put my mind away from this. Times like that just make me wish that I was some rich brat from a rich ass family.

After lunch, we all went home! Bff & I went to the night market and bought the fan. Doraemon for Jac & Hello Kitty for bff :)

On Tuesday......
which is today. Other than writing notes and snapping shots of the slides as there are too much to copy and Padhman was clearly rushing, I kept hearing Jems go arrrgh whenever someone sings that sleazy song. "Two plus two equals vagina" "What time is it? It's vagina" SOME KIND OF SICK SONG THIS IS!?!!! Omg and Silas heard it, Silas told Miguel and almost all the guys in front of us knows about this whole shit. Tsk tsk INFLUENCE!

The assignment for JNB is out and I got F. Good written on my paper. The first thing came to my mind, it's Fucking Good. HAHAHAHAHAHA and the whole bunch of them who heard me and also got F. Good, "I ALSO GOT FUCKING GOOD!" and burst out into fits of laughter. I'm a big influence too hahaha nah just kidding!

Padhman went through with us the important topics to be tested for the exam and we were dismissed! Had ice-cream while walking to the train station. Jems went off first while bff, Marc and I went back home together. Bff & I alighted after Marc did and we went to the bookstore to check out the organisers. I didn't know they got such nice ones! After that we went to the night market again and bff bought snacks for herself and my mummy! So schweet of you ^^ (and my mama said thanks, she thought you were coming up to our place hahaha!)

I'm starting to write my notes for the exams already. I'm really anxious and scared that I do not do well this time so I've decided to start doing my notes early. Next week, which is study week for us, we're gonna go study together. Productively, may I emphasize. I really wanna do well this time round, don't wanna let bb & my mom down.

Tutorial starts at 12.15pm tomorrow but I'm going down early to surprise the girlfriend and also to have lunch with her! Hehe i'm sure she won't read this because she is fast asleep right now in dreamland filled with candies :)

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