Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweet darlin’, come hold me just a little bit longer now

I'm yawning my ass off now. I'm going to sleep right after this. Something to rejoice about: WE'RE FUCKING DONE WITH THE RADIO PRODUCTION!!! :D thank God I can rest peacefully now. Really need sleep. Haven't been sleeping well. I keep waking up every hour! -.- so let's make this a quickie update!

Class was boring, usual but it is Simon's last lecture. I will miss him, for sure I will. He is a nice lecturer. At least nicer than other lecturers I know of. Despite writing a lot on our assignment, that is... Ok don't talk about the assignment. It is depressing.


After school, we finished up the last bit of recordings and went off to have lunch. The girls + J :) We went to Neko's shop at Bugis to put my shoes down cos it's damn heavy. Jems grabbed a handful of mentos from his shop like some auntie.........but no it's okay, welcome gift from Neko!! She wanted to pour the whole jar into her bag but nah!

Next, we went off to Iluma! First time there hahaha Zoe was the tour guide ^^ Had lunch at Thai Express!

Bb J's Phad Thai Noodles
Zoe's (a lot of requests) Tom Yum Glass Noodles
My beef stick noodles

Bb's noodles looked good. Jems' meatballs looked very yummy with vermicelli sticking out! Shimin was so quiet after her food arrived, mainly because she was hungry and the food was (Y). Zoe's tom yum look really spicy like the one J & I had at Thai Accent! The price was reasonable, the food was good. Each of us paid only $12! When we were making payment, Jems gave the waitress one of the mentos she grabbed from Neko's shop hahaha the waitress was so cute, she gave us one back!!

After that we went to walk around. They bought sexy undies from Sheer Romance. I really like the polka dot nightie :( but it is of no use for me 'cos I share a room with my sis, no privacy! Bb kept asking me to buy and wear it when I got the chance to. Unless mom and dad find a house quick, I won't be able to wear it. Very very unlikely to find an apartment to our liking quickly. Dad, especially, is very fussy with the corridors and rooms and all that.

Bb & I left first because I had to change my shoes and bb wasn't feeling too well so I wanted to change and hurry home. Went back to take my stuff, took a train to Orchard and changed my shoes! Yay :) very happy hahaha I can wear it out now! We sat around the restaurants area where there are chairs for people to rest 'cos bb's new shoes were biting her, it is new so not seasoned yet. We both left separately for home after that.

Talking about shoes, I cannot wait for bb's lace up oxfords to arrive! The supplier has shipped out the item, estimated to arrive in 7 - 10 days time. Bb's vest will arrive in about 1 - 2 weeks. Our blazer will take a longer time though..I just made order not too long ago :/ Before it even reach me, I thought of selling it already :x

Okay that's all for now folks! Bedtime, sugar :) Nights!

p/s: cannot wait for the weekends though we got a paper to take in the morning but something to look forward to? the girls and i are meeting up after our paper!
p/p/s: and class gathering this saturday. go - yes/no??? most prolly a no...............
p/p/p/s: meeting sass and nette tomorrow for lunch YAY

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