Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you feel this way too, that every wound seems to heal when I am around you?

I'm sneezing again. Why does it only come at night? I'm studying for tomorrow's TDMC supp paper. This really sucks I tell you! :( Studying + sneezing at the same time. And having to wake at 8am tomorrow to be on time for paper!

I was really upset when Gran woke up a while after I was awake, which meant that she's going home :( but she said she had to go home because she didn't bring enough medication to last her for few more days. I wanted to accompany her home to take her medication but she don't want to. So I had breakfast with her before she left for home :) after that I accompanied her to wait for her bus before I went to meet bff for class.

Class was pretty boring. I don't understand a shit about JNB! I don't wanna fail another module, having to take supp paper all over again =( we planned to study together next two weeks after school and during study week. Exchange notes and all, Gloria Jeans, Starbucks, or library with coffee and horrible cupcakes, maybe?

Met bb after class. Jems left with her boyfriend to Science Center, so cute!! :D Bff, bb, I left school to Tiong Bahru Plaza to have lunch at Qi Ji while Jac went to meet her friends at Vivo City. Yeh we went Tiong Bahru again!! Qi Ji has got really good food. I really like to eat chee cheong fun! Had chee cheong fun two days in a row :D Talking about chee cheong fun makes me feel like eating dim sum.........

My Mee Siam
Chee Cheong Fun!
Bff's Mee Rebus!
Bb's Nasi Lemak!

Qi Ji = Recommended!!
We must try everything from Qi Ji. It's really good, plus the price is quite reasonable as well. There's one outlet at Bugis, Hougang and Tiong Bahru. There's the few that I know of :)

It was still very early, the clinic only open at 2pm after lunch time. So we idled around the place. Bff suggested to have ice-cream at Mac's. We found this small table that's meant for two diners and pulled one more chair over. Squeezy Cozy!

Chocolate Swirl!

Wanted to have chocolate sundae but bff introduced this. She said it's really good and indeed, it really is! I'm not gonna have chocolate sundae for a while but chocolate swirl hehehe!


 After ice-cream, we left. Bff went home, while bb & I went Yishun for my check-up. Spent $80 at the clinic.......... :( Took a bus, enjoyed the bus ride and went to the mall before going back home.

Bff & my Everlast, see the difference?
Happy girlfriend after buying her backpack!

Bought new sports bra and a Dickies backpack! Very nice prints, it's checkered! I love it, I keep pestering bee to lend me ahahahah but she was being super irritating, keep saying NO loudly in my face hahahaha!

Oh, and my Everlast Cherigirl = KILLED MY FEET
Fucking fucking painfullllllllllllllllllllll :(

I cannot stand it anymore I've to go rest now, I'm going to go rest and study tomorrow morning instead. Tomorrow after the paper we're going Iluma for Mini Burgers' grand opening! After bb is done with her dumb ethics class, we'll go catch a movie and have dinner at Aston's hehehe yay! Wish me luck for tomorrow's paper :)

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