Thursday, April 2, 2009

I don't know if I wanna keep trying to breathe for you

Body burning at 38.9 degree Celsius, I could barely get out of bed this morning. My maid woke me up, touched my forehead and told me to get back to sleep. In less than 5 counts, I was fast asleep. Finally woke up when bee's call interrupted my sleep at 12ish.

Went to the clinic at around 2pm, stayed there for two frikkin' hours -.- saw _____ there! Got home, rest for awhile. Watched Ellen! This episode damn funny ahahaha after the show, I just kept reading Breaking Dawn until it was dinner.

Yesterday, my maid changed my bedsheets. The new pillowcase very cute!

In fact, I love to sleep alone. I told mom we strike out 'don't like' and have 'love' on top hahaha! Even Zel said the same thing!! I cannot wait to have my own room, omggggggg hate sharing room with Zel seriously. She sleeptalks a lot!!

Hm I'm still feeling very restless :( thank God the doctor gave me two days of MC for me to rest. The lack of sleep and liquid intake caused me to be like this, pfft. But then again, finally I get to rest well for once.

Hate the new 9pm show, super boring. I'm waiting for bff to be home so she can edit the photos and send me for ___________!!! We will be revealing this soon hahaha watch out for it!

Llove to have some strawberries right now ^^ hehehe

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