Thursday, March 26, 2009

But I forget myself when I don't have you

I didn't have time to update the past few days as I said this two weeks will be assignment-intense week, which is good for me. Finally to get down to work and do some revision. Work those brain cells!

Still sneezing but felt a lot better so I went ahead to school in the morning, even though I don't have to attend the tutorial at all. For the attendance's sake! And the assignments. I got questions to ask so I went. Bff was so so so so so insanely crazy over Iknowwho :) Girlfriend was at school, to make payment and do the TOELF test. And guess what? She surprised me with fresh red pleasant-smelling strawberries!!!! They are my favourite :) Thanks bb you are so wonderfool!

We took a bus and went for lunch together at Orchard Swensen's for the 1-for-1 lunch treat!


Cheap or what, the bill only came up to $36 for the three of us! After that we went to Far East for Slice :) AGAIN HAHAHAHA

with additional crushed oreos

I was sleepy, so was bff but I needed to finish the assignment so I suggested to head back home early. We all agreed. Took train, and bff changed her mind. She went home to get her lappie and came over to my place.

So the day ended with me turning in after a very very tired day of writing essay at 11pm :)

On Wednesday, which was yesterday, I had Mac's breakfast with Zel in the morning before heading to school. I was energetic, having at least 8 hours of sleep the night before :) Bought breakfast for Jems as well! We were very unlucky. Got to school and Jems was in tee and shorts. That stupid lady caught her for wearing a shorts that is too short. As stated in the rules, bottoms length must not be 4 inches above knee. RIDICULOUS! We paid so much to be in MDIS and this is what we get? SERIOUSLY!!!! In the end, she was sent home after taking her name down. I didn't like the idea of her being left alone and I didn't want her to miss class so I said we go to the void deck nearby to wait for Marc. Jems planned to cab in to avoid that lady. While waiting for Marc, Jems was eating her breakfast and this Indian guy came and went, "You got two dollar?? You got two dollar?" Freaked the shit out of us. Marc came and we took a cab without getting checked at the gates again! PLAN SUCCEEDED!!

It was really a very unlucky day for Jems. We went into class, Jems wanted to buy drinks so we went. Guess what? THE DAMN MACHINE DON'T WANNA TAKE HER COINS! We tried a few times before we finally gave up. Walked back and Jems was THIS close to opening the wrong classroom's door! Thank God I was quick enough to call her else............tsktsktsk!

Jems wanted to have fun choy for lunch but school's canteen was sold out of it so we went to the 7-11 convenience store opposite the train station and sat "by the bay" to have our lunch. Ok by the chess table with hell lot of elderly and birds around -.- Talked about random stuff. I was too energetic, she was too tired. Which resulted in a lot, heaps of laughter and nonsense coming from us!

Unlucky day, much.
Thank God the rest of the day went on well for her, phew!

Bff came over when I got home and we did our work as usual but she left early to meet her friends. Aunt came over with her two kids & Gran again :) I taught her to online shop and she bought a top and a dress from bonitochico.livejournal! I bought a f21 dress, and a top both in navy :) heh heh finally got new clothes!

And today, it was our tv news production for TVRP :) I'm glad it went well even though I looked horrible in the video. Seriously, the next Lim's class - I'm with you Zoe - REMIND ME NOT TO ATTEND. He's gonna play it in class :(

The killer heels killed me. I ended up taking a cab back. Bff came and we finished our PR essay!!!!!!!!! She is finally starting on her JNB essay and I'm touching up on my JNB essay. YAY YAY YAY oh oh and Agri's joining our group for ASEP and she has done it already which means we only need to edit it a bit here and there before we hand up!!!! :D

Okay, I shall reply the comments that are worth bringing my attention to.
Reply to the anonymous:
I wouldn't be surprised if she said she'd buy them for me either. My girlfriend, she is not the romantic type but to her showering me with gifts is a way to show that she loves me. She is not very good with words, in fact, she is a someone of a few words. She doesn't know how to express herself well enough in a way to make her feel comfortable expressing. Showering me with gifts is one of the ways she does it. Some others would be bringing me to a nice restaurant for dinner, surprising me with my favourite food/games/whatnots & etc.

I don't make use of her, I am very very aware of that. Not guilty, definitely. You could say that in your point of view, because you are an outsider, you didn't see how I refuse gifts from her all the time or how we get into silly arguments because I didn't want her to buy me anything whenever she insisted. One of our arguments recently was because I refused her gifts when she just wanted to buy me something because, as she claims, she didn't buy me anything recently and she wants to, which I really really think it is not necessary to waste the money.

I don't blog about everything on my blog. I don't go like, yeh I bought two RL shirts at one go for her and all that. And yes I did. Did I blog about that? Nope, I didn't. Sometimes I just don't feel like, yknow. I don't want everyone to know about everything I do and all that. If my girlfriend wants to blog about it, she will do it in her own spac.

DO NOT JUDGE ME because only God can judge me. I hate it when people do that. You don't even know me personally yourself, don't do that. You wouldn't like it if someone judged you either, no? Like what bff said, for this coming 22nd anniversary, I bought her something that burnt a hole in my pocket but I know she is worth the whole budget plan I'm doing to save up and everything else :)

But all in all, thank you for the comments. It shows what people think of me, also good to know that there are people who are actually nice enough to comment my mistakes and hoping for change.

Ok long entry till then!
I'm off to bed ^^
p/s: TGIF!!!!!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said.
I tot you would be very angry in your reply
but you are not

all the best for your assignments

March 27, 2009 at 8:39 AM  
Blogger Alethia Toh said...

I totally loveee Swensen's US Fries! But it's not that good anymore now! It was way more awesome in the past!

March 28, 2009 at 6:06 PM  

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