Friday, January 2, 2009

Seeing you today was like losing you all over again

I want to be where love is real & memories of distant days come to life again.

Caught Bedtime Stories today!


I laughed a lot throughout the show so 'twas good! I would mind watching again 'cos by then it wouldn't be that funny anymore. Heh heh.

We shopped around all day but I couldn't find anything that I like. Even in Diva! I only got my eyes on this set of bangles but still didn't buy 'cos I wanted a lot at one go & get over with the huge hole in my pocket once and for all. Nothing 'cept the lace heels from Topshop wtf fucking pretty but fucking $100 I cannot afford to blow $100 on a pair of heels that I wouldn't wear even thrice!?!!! Mom will kill me and kick my ass I swearrrrr omg but I want it I want it I took a picture of it so I can show mom. Tomorrow I will show her. There's another pair, sequins one from Zara $89 very very pretty I like! I must tell mom about the both pairs tomorrow and see if she's willing to pay heh heh for me! Nothing from F21, nothing from River Island either :(

I was feeling full all day I swear. I spent too much money on food of recent :( Bak chor mee + chilli + a lot of vinegar for lunch, popcorn + ice tea for movie, cereal fried rice + coke light for dinner, fish crackers + candyfloss from the night market for supper. Omgz this is holy cow scary wtfffffffff

Dinner @ Asian Kitchen

Mai see real flied lice
Mus loom luck noodle

After yummy dinner, we took a train back to my place & walked around at the night market! Bought food (ugh) & stayed around the park until I felt like going back.

"I am going blind la.."

Got home around 11pm & showered up. Now I'm here watching Gossip Girls. I fucking hate Georgina, one hell of a bitch!!!!! I feel so bad for Rufus and Lily, they love each other but for Dan & Serena, she give up being together with Rufus 'cos Rufus is Dan's dad so..they can't be together :( sad de wor.

I'm going to continue watching Gossip Girl & sleep as early (yeh right) as possible. Tomorrow I will have breakfast with the folks and we'll go collect the bloody passport. I hope it doesn't take more than half an hour, seriously I hate to wait there so boring! Ugh. After that I will meet J for Yes Man & another lovely day out. That's all folks!

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