Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The breath between our lips when we kiss is something I hope I never have to miss


I love gossip guys.
I love vanity fair.
I have all of the common addictions.
I don't like that Louie Vuitton Monogram Pailletes Speedy.
I'm starting to like Kristewart a little more each time I see her as herself, not as Bella Swan.
I miss partying, getting drunk, laughing at everything & drinking 'til the last drop.

So hi, i had a fucking boring Wednesday. How was yours? Oh I had a interesting evening though. We were this close to getting into a fight but i deliberately replied her really slowly and also at the same time to calm myself down and clear my mind. And then it was resolved. All is well again :) Oh and one more thing, the surprise failed. I'm trying again though, probably tomorrow?? The sleazy song continues, seriously omg it is keeeeeling me! Jems and I imagined all of us being preggy and being mothers. We used the sweater as the baby bump hahaha it was so hilarious! Jems said she could imagine me as preggy woman and a mother. Aww :)

I forget to mention it's our cai hong jie jie (rainbow sister which is what we always call Jems because she likes rainbow!) and her boyflen's 3rd year anniversary! HAPPY THIRD YEAR TO YOU BOTH LOVEBIRDS <3 damn happy for you jems :)

Tomorrow is television and radio production class - boring. But for the important topics and exam guidelines, i'm going for class, fo'sure. After class, lunch with Jems if she's not meeting her ah fai then home to meet bff for Starbucks! I've been craving for it since I don't know when. Friday will be spent with my gal gal :) she always have new pet names, sorry bee hahaha but i love giving you pet names hahaha!

Before I leave, I'll leave you guys with two very funny videos.
A video tweet from Ellen & her mom to MCHammer
Ellen's bathroom concert series with Jennifer Hudson

Enjoy and goodnight, have a great Thursday!

but I believe true, deep love is always worth fighting for..

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