Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maybe I could've made you believe that what we had was all we'd ever need

I didn't get to nap today. When I was about to, bb called. After that, mom came home with Gran!!!!!! so I accompanied her, feeling very very much like sleeping. So I laid next to her, just like how I used when I was young. I was just thinking of her this morning when I saw this old lady carrying bags after going to the market. Now she's here, staying over tonight yay! I'm gonna wake up earlier to accompany her for breakfast (if she's up, that is) before going to school :)

Class was boring but after school = ze bomb!!! We spent approximately 4 hours in school doing the radio production assignment which I just found out that it is 70% of the assignment :O Oh, not forgetting Neko joined us for the discussion but left after a while for work! *meowwwwww* After spending so much time finishing our assignment, we rewarded ourselves each with a "old school" ice-cream!

In school library
Cappuccino Chips! (L) NICE
Walking to the station......

Bff was supposed to join us today but she is very very unwell :( get well soon bff!! See you on Flyday (L) Oh and _____ have arrived in the mail!!!!!! Yay we can start our work already hehehe

I've decided that I will change my pair of Everlast Cherigirl to a size bigger. Most probably I will go for my check-up on Friday and also to change my shoes. Cannot wait to wear it! Tomorrow will be spent with bb and Jac :) Jac is looking for bags so we're gonna hunt for nice bags. Since I'm looking for bags as well, this is a good chance for me to decide what I really want.

Talking about bags, dad offered to pay half for my Ralph Lauren bag which costs $250, and by half he means $125. He wanted to buy it without telling me on Monday but didn't managed to in the end because they do not have the large size tote in red :( :( but bb said the blue stripe one is nice too, so is the pink stripe one. I'm spoilt with choices and now I cannot decide. Sucks to be me!

This week's damage for bb and I is really huge. We both bought a blazer each, a vest for her, a pair of shoes for me, three big bags of accessories for me and a lot of food. Guess what G, it's only the third week of April!!!!!!!!!!! I should hide my credit card, my atm card & my ibanking device, seriously.

Anon: HA HA HA
Jems: No problem! See you in school tomorrow honey~ Bring your British accent along ah ahahah

When was the last time I truly felt loved & cared for?
You're becoming like a stranger now.

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