Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You came into my life and & I want you to stay

I'm unwell, again. Dammit. I am not weak, I don't get ill easily unlike the rest of my family but getting sick once every week is making me feel damn weak!!

Yesterday was a long long day. Had class in the morning, lunch with bb, Jems, Jac & bff! Guess who I saw in school!!!!!! PEH QIAN YU, SOON XIN YI AND AMY CHUAAAAAAA :D Omg why is everyone coming into MDIS when I'm graduating :( :( but it feels so so so so so good to see them again. Qians hugged me damn tight I was damn shocked! Bb saw her bestie in school as well ^^ Jems saw her primary school friends!

We were done with lunch and was late for class. Jac went to the bank while bff & bb crashed our TVRP lecture!! AND WE FOUND OUT THAT WE GOT ONE MORE DAMN ASSIGNMENT TO FINISH :( and I have a SBS paper to study for, what the hell.. Bff left after a while to meet her friend. Bb stayed throughout and she kept disturbing me......PEACH!

After school, bb & I went to Le Meridian to check out the Everlast Cherigirl canvas pumps I wanted but sigh, to my disappointment no more size 7! I really don't like the other design but the shop attendent kept persuading me to buy, fucking irritating. This is one thing I really HATE HATE HATE to shop in that shop. So in the end, I didn't buy the shoes at all. We went back after that.

Mom and I has been going to the mall every night after dinner for drinks. & I bought snacks hehehe! Mentos spearmint, egg ball tibits and wang wang! Dad said that this is call bonding hahah family bonding!


School was boring today but what Jems & I did was just very embarrassing! Hahaha and Marc saw us from the back, we didn't even know. While walking to school in our identical Cotton On shorts, Jems saw the length and mentioned about the spot-check so we unfolded the hem to lengthen the shorts! Smart or what?! BUT WE LOOK DAMN DISGUSTING HAHAHAHA like we've got big dicks or something :x

Had break with bb, Jac and Jems. Lo mai kai, finally!! :D aren't you jealous bff? hahaha after school I took a train back home and bought Long John Silver home for lunch. Mom was home late else I'd have free lunch with mama! Hehe budget :>

I ate this today hehehe damn nice!!

Still sneezing omg I'm meeting bb tomorrow, she's gonna accompany me for my check-up. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow else I won't be going for the check-up :( been delaying it since two weeks ago!

Till then :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

HHAHAA IM NOT ENVIOUS and im definitely not envious of you and jems unfolding the hems HAHA omg it sucks la i swear!! OKAY I WANT LOH MAI KAI NEXT DAY I HAVE SCH!! -bff

April 9, 2009 at 12:12 AM  

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