Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where you are is where I belong

Good Friday was spent with the family shopping around in town. We went to lunch at Far East Plaza, for ayam penyet! Brought the family there to have lunch :) We ordered a lot: tofu, prawns, kangkong, ayam penyet, cherry soda, milk tea & chendol!

It was pouring outside heavily but we still managed to go over to DFS. Dad was so cute when he said, "eh my first time here leh" grinning away & mom just stared at him. After shopping at DFS, I got more to add on my wishlist. (This is fucking horrible)

1. Ralph Lauren Canvas Large Tote in Red (x)
2. Ferragamo Vara Headband
3. Gucci Monogram Tote in White (x)

p/s: dad is gonna buy the Gucci tote yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to visit Aunty Shirley at Ralph Lauren Paragon! Chatted for a while, went to walk around. Got super tired from walking so we went Delifrance. The rain stopped so we walked over to Taka, Wisma then to Wheelock. Spent a lot of time there 'cos Zel was contempleting whether to get the Havaianas or not. She couldn't decide so we left. Walked over to Shaw House and left the town. Dad drove us to Amoy Street for dinner!! Gonna bring bb there some time soon hehehe the food is superb man!

Lovely Saturday morning was ruined by my supp paper but all is well. The paper was pretty alright, thank God I had the motivation to study the night before the paper. Efforts are not gone to waste unless I fail!

Cabbed over to bb's crib, rest for awhile while she get ready to leave the house. We cabbed over to Far East and had lunch at Han's! Spaghetti with sausage for me, black pepper chicken chop for bb :) Forgot to take pictures :/ Saw Tim with his girl!

Went to Taka after that to get my Everlast Cherigirl hehe! Finally got it I was super hyped about it. YAY BFF WE CAN WEAR THE SAME LIAO HEHEHE AREN'T YOU HAPPY WE'RE ALMOST LIKE TWINS LA HOR HAHAHAH

After walking around, bee got a new obsession - the blazer she saw at Zara! She couldn't stop "i really like the Zara blazer :(" about it even until today......... Ok I shouldn't say that of her 'cos my obsession with that pair of Topshop booties is not over yet. I go into Topshop, I will go to the shoe section and look at the pair of booties wishing it was mine........ Went Wisma, went to see the FCUK watch. I think it's a new line for them or something, it is everywhere now even at City Chain. I was telling bee to buy it since the pricing is pretty reasonable and not forgetting she's a big fan of watches. At Chomel, bee got me a nice ring (hehe thanks! (K)) & I got mom a heart pendent necklace.

I love it :)

Took a train to City Hall. Sat outside Pedro to rest 'cos my feet couldn't carry me any further with all the walking. Guess who we saw? MY LOVELY BFF WHO SAID SHE MISSED ME AWWW :) She explained, without a word, what is the definition of 'jaws drop'. She practically went from :| to :O for a good five seconds after seeing us. It was good to see her :) Walked over to Suntec while she went to Marina to meet Andy and gang. Bb & I had our dinner at Fish & Co.!


We were still very full from lunch so I didn't order the fried calamaris :( they are my favourite and a must-order at Fish & Co.. :( shouldn't have had so much for lunch tskkkk. Anyway the salmon bb ordered was awesome! Goes damn well with the chilli, it's damn goooooooood

Shopped around, went to SaSa 'cos I remembered seeing Jems' blog and saw that she bought a mirror and comb set? I thought it was cute and wanted to see if there's something similar but instead, I bought the eye mask for bb and I HAHAHA I don't know, I'm very into eye care now

It's cute, isn't it! It is very comfy as well, tried it on after I got home hahaha very excited, I'm gonna use it everyday while wanting for Ellen to air on television after I get home from school :D

Suntec is getting very boring so we went over to Marina Square. Went to Zara so bee can gush over her very much wanted $159 blazer again, then we went Topshop so I can gush over the pair of booties. Tsk tsk this is horrible I hate having obsessions like this!

Walked to City Link, had ice-cream at Gelare before heading home!


Headed home immediately after that 'cos bb was feeling unwell. :( Take care love, get well soon!

Sunday was spent sleeping in until 2pm, texting all day (no sexting plz), aunt shirley's place to pass her some stuff, dinner with the rest of the patneral relatives at SSC (hate) and home with Channel 5. S factor, Harper's Island, Reaper. DIE SCHOOL AT 8.30AM TOMORROW OK

P/s: One more to add to the wish list.
Been wanting this since the time I saw it at Far East at least two months ago!!!!!!!!!

P/p/s: I got new fetish too, embroidery prints/printed top/dresses!

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