Sunday, April 12, 2009

All my loving, darling I'll be true

"When we love someone we never easily give up on that person. Even if we get hurt badly we always try to find a way to ease that pain and learn to understand and forgive. Loving too much doesn't hurt. It is when we expect this love to be reciprocated that we begin to seek approval and acceptance of the things we have done and when we are taken for granted and rejected, we curse that very same love that we once truly and happily offered. There is always hope for those who believe. There is always a chance for those who try."

I pray H will stop being the center of our topic and problems from now on. Anymore BMW coming from me - joke baby, joke la dey! hehehe

Get well soon sweeteh, more happy times okay ^^ I hope you like the cute eye mask hahaha! I love you and thanks for today, feels good to be able to shop like this again heh!

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