Monday, April 6, 2009

Sometimes 'goodbye' is a second chance

Yes I am finally doing a proper update ^^

Today is bb's first day of school!! Yay it was a good day for her by the way. Her classmates are ... I shall keep my foul mouth shut! But I have to say something, some are really pretty!! Hehehe bff is gonna be her stalkerish self and start her stalker search!

Some people, they never change. In secondary school, they were damn fake. To think now after I have not seen them for such a long time, STILL DAMN FAKE. Really, if you wanna be my friend, start being yourself :) You are a lovely bunch, honestly.

Class was boring today but good news is BFF AND I, OUR HARD WORK IS PAID OFF WE GOT V. GOOD FOR OUR PR ASSIGNMENT!!!!!



So I crashed her orientation! And after that we left for lunch at Ikea :)


We three, bb, Jac (whom I used to call S & in case you forget, it's J's sister & yes she is in the same class as bb) & I order pasta with meatballs while bff had chicken leg. The chicken wings look damn delicious prz I want one naoz

After lunch, S left for her friend's place while we went on to shop around in Ikea. Bb wanted to look for bedsheets amd quilt cover. I love the bedsheets and quilt cover in Ikea!! Very pretty and comfy to sleep in :)

We had ice-cream before we left. While waiting for the bus, it started pouring very heavily :( I thought we could go to Le Meridian to get my Everlast Cherigirl! Plan failed.

The referal fee! Yay $100 for me hehehe! Transferred $50 to Shi Jing some time back when she registered in school. I just received the cheque. Ok better than nothing huh :)

I know I still got Friday, Saturday and Sunday to blog about but I cannot do it now 'cos it's approaching my sleep time and I don't want to late tomorrow! I am kinda craving for (hehehe) McMuffin again heh I know bff is gonna ask 'ARE YOU PREGGY!?' but no I am not, not so the worried ok luv ;)

Camii, thanks for your concern :) update me about your current space? i went back to your old blog but it was closed down.. :( talk again soon ok? i'm a lot better already though <3

Oh yes before I go, DID YOU GUYS WATCH S-FACTOR!? Friggin' hilarious and bitchy and nice to bitch yo!


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