Saturday, April 4, 2009

I had such a good time today. It's been long since we laughed so hard and so much that we had to sit down or rest after walking for a bit.
If only everyday was like today.

I love you.
I love every "what does BMW/Volvo reminds you of", every "ni shi wo de fair-mer-li", every "you suuck man", and every chuckle that follows after.
Despite the questionings about ______, you know I trust you.

You made me laugh so much that while typing this, I'm laughing to myself while thinking of all the things you said and the actions, the facial expression.

We spent less than $70 today and felt so damn happy. Why whenever we spend $200 or even more we don't feel this good? So really, who says we need to spend a lot to make us feel this good? Well, money? NOT A DAMN ISSUE! :)

P/s: trust me when I say I want to get to know her as a friend so I would stop doubting her and it would also stop my mind from creating bad impressions of her.

And yknow what?
Because for you, I will.

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