Saturday, April 25, 2009

It always fascinated me how people go from loving you madly to nothing at all

You're seeing her tomorrow, can I say that I am worried for things to turn bad for us again? Can I trust you enough to know that you're not gonna give me nonsense like, leaving me alone & not telling me your whereabouts until you finally decided that the party's over and you should text/call me to check in?

The whole point is I trust you enough not to do that. Cross my fingers, you're not going to repeat the same mistake that caused my heart to break bit by bit.

Today was a great day, 'cept the burning at 34 degree weather. Despite wearing a very comfy dress, I still feel the heat. Dammit, what's wrong with you weather!?

We had lunch at TCC! Finally, my cravings for wedges are gone hehehe

Lychee Jazz
Wedges with cheese!
Seafood Aglio Olio

The pasta bb had was great. Garlic and the fresh prawns and scallops, it was fantastic. The wedges are so well fried, really love it! Looking at it now makes me drool and want some............

(the night flower scent is making my nose fucken itchy, hate it!)

Went FEP to look for the high waist shorts I was dreaming of since the day I saw it. Guess what? It is not fated to be mine. The shop is under renovation. Arrrrrgh never mind so we went on to shop but I lost the mood. I've been anticipating to get but ugh no more :( bff asked me to consider the Topshop one..but I don't know, I'll keep that in mind though.

Took a fucking hot bus to Marina Square. We were perspiring in the bus! The AC is helpless, I swear -.- Bb was still hungry and I was damn thirsty so we sat down at Quick Bite.

Original Lover

She insisted that I'm the one who was still hungry after lunch at TCC!! When I took out the camera to take pictures of her eating, she pretended like she wasn't eating hahaha damn sickening!

So who's the one who is hungry after lunch!?

Went Times bookstore and bought the books! 3 books for the price of 2! The cheapest book will be the free one :)

Cecelia Ahern's Thanks for the Memories
James Patterson's 7th Heaven
Dorothy Koomson's Goodnight, Beautiful

Obviously 7th Heaven belongs to bb hahaha I don't read such books! Two of my favourite authors, Dorothy Koomson and Cecelia Ahern :) I'm reading the book by the latter first!

After that bb went home and I went to meet my family for dinner at..


Dinner to celebrate mom's birthday in advanced 'cos on Thursday, Zel has got performance at NAFA so we're all going down to support her :) Grandma came along for dinner! Didn't snap much, was busy taking the food for everyone haha not eating! I didn't eat much, I wasn't really in the eat-a-lot mood.


We each got our own individual pots so it's quite cute. And one thing fo'sure, it's definitely much more hygenic! The soup - herbal chicken, bak kut teh and tom yam! I took the bak kut teh one, not good! I prefer the tom yam one. Herbal chicken soup has got ginseng and I can't sleep if I drink ginseng soup!

All in all, the food's quite good! There's hot station which has got fried tapioca, fried banana, rojak and popiah. The variety of dessert is quite wide as well. The fruit tart sucks, I'm still looking for great fruit tart other than the ones at SSC and Delifrance!

Mom said I should be charged at a child's price 'cos I barely ate, which is true. I walked around to get food for them more than I sat down to eat hehehe!

After that we went shopping at GAP! 30% off store-wide lasts until Sunday!!! Bought presents for godpa and Jon. Bought nothing for myself. Dammit. I was contempleting if I should get the polka dot boxer and the GAP tee :( I should've just gotten it seeeeeriously!

Okay gotta log off now, high tea with the family tomorrow. Another round of eating, omg this sucks! Fucking tired from standing and walking, I'm turning in early on a Saturday night, amazing!

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