Thursday, April 23, 2009

That's a shame that love can't make you stay

I'm so damn pissed off. I bought a striped vest for bb through a pre-order which means I've to make payment and wait for about 2-3 weeks before the item gets to me. I made payment, told the girl the transaction reference for her to check if the payment is in and all. After waiting in vain for about two weeks, I emailed her to ask about the status of the vest. GUESS WHAT? SHE DIDN'T TAKE IN MY ORDER, DIDN'T BOTHER TO EMAIL TO ASK AT ALL. Some kind of responsible seller she is huh. Okay, I would say partly it was my bad for not reading her email thoroughly before I make conclusion that I need not reply her email at all. In her email she said she needed my details which I have already given her but she needed my address which I completely missed out. But when I didn't reply her, she should have the responsibility to email me and ask, no? This is fucking fucked up. And now she said order is closed, items arrived, all mailed out and she have to refund me.

I'm not upset because she's irresponsible (duh?) but upset because i waited for something i really like in vain for weeks!

I swear, I already have bad impressions of her because 1) she is very unfriendly, 2) she is rude, 3) this incident - no responsibility. I'm not revealing what's the name of the shop or the url but if you ask me, I might tell you.

x TVRP exam guidelines
x Shimmy came for class!!!!!! (L)
x waiting for bus = HOT SUN HUMID HEAT DIE
x went Vivo City for lunch + a lil' shopping after class
x Long John Silver for lunch
x unproductive shopping but Jems bought a  F21 neon pink 'I ♥ my boyfriend' tunic
x took train home, met bff, bought food up to my place
x watched telly, played Pet Society, watched Ellen :D
x bff left before dinner, I went to rest/talk to bb


I've been looking for a new phone. This Nokia 6500S has been with me for a year now but it is such a pain in the ass! Memory card cannot function, hangs once in every while, battery life: 2 days if I don't text/call often, dropped it a lot of times, music player sucks. I want a new phone with WIFI hehe can go on MSN anytime anywhere :D

I got my eye on a few...

Samsung F480
Nokia E75
Nokia E63

I don't know if I should get a QWERTY keypad one or a touchscreen one. There's both good and bad reviews for both. I don't mind either one, as long as they have the functions I want in a phone! But because I want something different, not something that one of my family members already have. Che is using Samsung F480 now. Mom's gonna get Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. So I think I will take Nokia E75! Hehe plus it is available in red, black and copper yellow! RED! RED!! RED!!!

I'm feeling the ache... :( everywhere. Mom said it is caused by insufficient rest/sleep. I'm going to sleep early tonight, my eyes are still very painful but not as bad as yesterday. THANK GOD MR LIM CANCELLED TOMORROW'S CLASS! Time for me to sleep in until it's time for me to get up :) meeting bb tomorrow going over to her place for lunch and dinner after that ^^ yay finally some time with bb. Even though I see her everyday but we don't talk much, neither do we get to spend much time together. It's been two weeks since I last spent some alone time with her. Time really flies man..

OH one more thing before I go, I JOINED PLURK.COM! I was asked to join by Zoe but I didn't get down to do it. Today I finally did! It's so cute, there's some kinda karma points system and cute emoticon! So if you have plurk / twitter, follow me (that's what they are called) on Plurk or Twitter!

The wonders of Adobe Photoshop

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

is plurk better or twitter better? the two seem quiet cool i dun knoe which to register lawl

April 25, 2009 at 2:14 AM  

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