Friday, May 1, 2009

Because sometimes there is no easy way out. You just have to grin & bear it. Sometimes the only escape route is to go straight through the flames, just brace yourself & bite your lip. Sometimes you have to sever the ties clean off. Because in every relationship there comes a point when the damage is too much & no matter how good it once was, the memories can't sustain you. You have to save yourself knowing all the while it will hurt like hell. Because you can't keep giving someone everything if you get nothing in return.

Have a great weekend ahead guys :)
I hope this PH came at a good time for all for you to take a break. It was a good one for me, indeed. I'll be on blogging as soon as I find the time to tear myself away from the revision. BLOGGED! And guess what? I'm done revising with two modules, two more to go!

Saturday tomorrow = out with bb, lunch/dinner with bff & her act one van der Woodsen girlfriend :)

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