Thursday, September 24, 2009

When left alone with my thoughts they always turn to you

Today I:
x met a crazy aunty who kept asking everyone for money on the bus
x was late to meet bb & her sissy to help them with their work
x camwhored with them using her sissy's laptop's webcam
x am very happy because after the talk I had with bee few weeks back, she kissed me twice & hugged me a million times on her own accord today. (love you babee)
x bought durian puffs for mom & dad
x had the longest conversation with bffz over msn
x had the longest conversation with @yanhui_isdope & @hanicetsai over twitter
x am very very very very happy because of you

Happy things happened. Now my eye can stop twitching like a bitch.

Project meeting tomorrow for SBS assignment with Shermaine, Chrissy, Samuel, Swathi & bffz. Can we all have PastaMania before that? The craving has gotta stop!! :( Been craving since the event on Saturday...

Ok 3.31am, my body clock is officially ruined.

P/s: you don't know how happy you made me <3
P/p/s: bee, I really love t see you in the white tank top but hate you for not wanting t wear it out with me! :@

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