Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm sorry I'm not strong enough to let go of the things that I love way too much

Few nights back, I had this dream. I forgot what was it about. Tried to remember but I couldn't. I was really happy in that dream. When I woke up, and realised I'm back to reality, my heart sank. The happiness is nowhere to be found.

Wished I could remember the dream & remember it forever.
Wished it was easier for me than it is for you.

Not forgetting, school was fab today. I love Ban to the max, she's the best companion anyone can ever have. Mr Jalaini showed us this Indian movie. Some parts are quite sad, some are like really sick! Little kids at the age of 10 knows what sex is about, omg! Scary.

After class, we took train to Orchard while Ban went Bugis to meet mama Ong. Finally bought the dark denim high waist shorts that I've been eying!! Hahaha I wanted the light denim one but it looks ugly on me, even bff thinks so. I can't fucking shop alone, I need opinions so I can decide what to buy & what not to. Shittttt, this really sucks. I wanna be able to shop alone!!!!

Far East Plaza is like my second home. Went to visit Liyana, the new part timer. Very sweet girl, heard she's on The New Face! Very pretty :) Poor Jolin got no sale upstairs but after bff & I went in, a lot of people came in!! We left our stuff in the shop, helped her pack a little. Hate it when the shop looks messy or when the straps of the bag is dangling everywhere, look super messy! After that, we went to walk around :D hahahah we looked like we were doing a market survey!

Got so tired after that, we were there for only three hours. Bought Subway cookies 'cos we finally realised we skipped lunch & was mad hungry! Went to the supermarket before going back. Bought chips, a loaf of bread & magazines :>

P/s: Mama Ong, don't be a mysterious reader ok!! I am updating now because Ban told me that you asked her why I didn't update hahahaha! Hello mama Ong :)

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