Monday, August 31, 2009

I keep thinking of you, you're on my mind for the fifty seven thousandth time this morning

SBS lecture is a chore. For one, lecturer's voice is squeky. For two, she treats us like primary school kids! Thank God she dismissed us an hour earlier today 'cos she finished the chapter faster than expected. "Go off quietly, and row by row." What the fuck!? Obviously we didn't.

Because Sher only gotta work at 5pm, off we went on a cab to Serene Center! We all were craving for ice-cream, the weather was a killer this afternoon. Island Creamery, here we come!!

ReversO & Ping Pong Milo!

I wasn't ready for the photo :@

Sher & Chrissy :>

Because they got this Canon photo printer & the walls are either filled with photos of happy faces or drawings, we took photos & pasted it on the wall as well :D Printed two, kept one for myself!

I told bee before that I would want something (much neater, of course) like this with all our photos on our bedroom walls IF we ever get to live together. From our very first shot to the last, all in black & white :>

The two photos that were printed!

Trying to write something out of the marker with back up ink

Really like this photo but not the person in there -.- DAMN STONE LEH YOU

Too bad I look stupid here, and super blur :/

Probably not destined to have a nice photo with the background

Happy Sher :>

And happy Chrissy!

Trying to make our photos stick..........

TADAH!!!!! Spot us?

Left the place around 4.15pm & walked to the bus stop. Can't wait to hang out with them & Ban!! :) While walking to the bus stop, we found out that dear Sher also got motion sickness. Hahahahaha she told us something super funny about her past. Damn cute, love them all to the maxxxx <3

TDMC tomorrow = seeing Jalaini & his gayness. I can't believe he said, "Don't be so slutty" to one of the guys in the class hahaha! Ok time for L Word before I turn in for class tomorrow, toddles! :>

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