Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I know I love you like the million times I never said

Feel better bff, i luv you and i is here for you.
Glynis jiejie will always be there for you :)

clicnic in the morning
bee came to accompany me
me reading eclipse, she playing my gta
i really suck at that game :(
waited for so long only to realise that we were at the wrong place
sorry bee i am just so blur!
they fucking announced my name over the PA system please omg so embarrassing!
spent like $17 fuck man it's adult price but never mind I got MC :D
after that we went to have lunch at the food court
yummy ban mian reminds me of ban <3
went to look for some stuff
found the red earpiece i wanted!! but no money to buy :(
when i got home, mom said, "eh why? the medicine buy one get one free ah why so many!"
i got three bottles of syrup and 3 packs of pills
eat die me
popped the pills, watched grey's and fell asleep

had hot and sour soup for dinner, berry yummy
but my throat was like burning blahhh
talking to bee, bff, A and yawei
after this i will take medicine, watch greys and go to bed hahah

hm where shall we go tomorrow? we need to fix bff's bloody specs so shim can stop staring at them, also to go temple to pray 'cos bff thinks she's down with super bad luck lately. ok time to crack my head what to wear and where to go tomorrow goodnight!

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