Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Joy's simple when someone's found it in you

I was talking to SL this afternoon...

sl: she is very lucky to have you
sl: i can nv have someone like that man.,
sl: she will cherish u de lah!
♥ glynisxoxo: huh
♥ glynisxoxo: someone like me?
♥ glynisxoxo: why!?
sl: no why lor
sl: i read ur blog
sl: i m kinda envy
sl: how i wish i can find someone who knows how to cherish n appreciate
sl: but so far, none in my life
sl: njoy ur valentine's alright
sl: its a bliss to spend with someone u love.

Thanks SL <3
You'll meet the one, it is a sooner or later thing :)

Today's TDMC paper was pretty okay. I actually sat in the examination room for one and a half hour! Haha the longest time I've sat in there. After the paper, we had lunch at school. Hui Jin & Serena came to join us while waiting for Nithya to finish her paper. We bitched hahaha omg the truth what the hell Hui Jin should've told me earlier!!! :( :( I regret now fuck man ugh

I took a train back, mom came to pick me and we went to the doctor's. Finally. Hahah. The bill came up to $100ish :( I am broke. Very very broke. After Vday, I'll be the poorest person around. After the doctor's appointment, we went to Northpoint to have lunch. The food sucks, yuck! Went back home at around 2ish. The damn migraine won't go away :( So I stayed in bed and watched Grey's.

SA: I went to the doctor's already! Hahah no worries :) Oh Vday? Haha you will get to know who really really soon! Or you could've guessed hahaha. You will soon, I guess. Now that I already got plans for what to do after I'm done with the exams, there should be photos! I cannot wait either. I like seeing visuals on my blog :) Nope, not bored. No worries! I like friendly anons hahah. You didn't even harm me or whatsoever, I am cool with it yeh. Don't worrrrry!

I hope you didn't lie to me to get what you wanted. From the you I know of, you are not that selfish. When you said it was completely nothing, I trust you. I believe in every word you say. Her sudden appearance today caught me completely off guard. If you could see how easily affected you get about her, you wouldn't say that I was being oversensitive. Whenever you wanna know something, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you at all. But you always do. Especially when it concerns her.

This is the sound of my heart breaking,
and I hope it's entertaining.

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