Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I believe letting you go was the biggest mistake of my life

Let's make this quick, fast and snappy.

School with the Ng sisters, J & Siqi
Waited for S to finish her English paper
Had lunch in school, yummy prawn noodles
Siqi went home after that
Went Ikea with J
Talked about how we want our rooms to be like
Dying for some Swedish meatballz :(
No mood for soft cone ice-cream either tsk
Took bus and saw our favourite spot for good photos
Took the NEL and went back home ^^

Good day.
Photos with J who is in deep slumber right now. Poor girl is quite fragile now, she will collapse anytime if she don't sleep or rest well these few days.

Ban, are you going to buy all of these!?

I don't think no is an answer from you. It's a definite yes for our miss make-up artist + Hello Kitty #1 fan. Please nudge Neko Chan. Perfect gift for you Ban, no?

Last paper last paper last paper last paper I cannot stop chanting this in my head I am so fucking happy I am done with T1 & moving on to T2 next week. Come May and it will be hello to graduation :) Cannot. Fucking. Wait!!!! But sad case I'm going home straight after the paper or lunch if the girls want to (Mos? Prata!? Subway!?!! Sorry I'm really hungry right now I didn't have proper dinner). Just feel like staying at home and rest. I don't know, I might change my mind though.

No, today don't feel like it's day 1 all over again but it is, kind of, in a way for us. Yeh but thanks for today. Really. :) the little things you do makes me really happy. Luv xx

BFF: YES PLEASE and we all will luv you to deathzz so don't come and act shy all with me ah prease you no act shy uh! Hahahah luv (L)
SA: Yes I will post really soon I cannot wait either! Hahha I hate that I scroll down my blog and see no photos, tsk. How are you gonna spend your Vday, by the way?

I am thinking of Popeye's. Long time since I last had it. Shit my diet plan is going to fail me again fuck man I wanna maintain 53kg!!!!!!!!! Or lower :D Ok nights BAI

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

it actually feels good comin' to your blog, seein' the pics that shows your feelin' on that day. if you are sad, the pic shows it all, just like the one below. hope you are happy today =)

alone on valentines' day, sad to say. have yet to find the perfect girl of my dreams, the one i have in mind, alr has someone in mind. this j is helluva lucky =) one day if she fails you, i am always here.

with love,

February 12, 2009 at 3:39 AM  
Anonymous ban said...

walan eh ~
later nekochan need to eat cat food for the entire rest of the year ah.


February 12, 2009 at 3:20 PM  

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