Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'll be everything and more when you call my name

Tomorrow is Black Friday, Friday the 13th. One more day before Valentine's day. The question "What vday present should I get for my boyfriend/girlfriend?" popped up a few times between conversations for the past two weeks. So I was wondering what do I want this vday....

1. Pretty roses

2. Toy/Film cameras
Can I have all, please?

3. New phone heh heh
That's not a lot to ask for, right? It's about $238 after trade-in heh. No la, I was planning to buy this for myself..but if you can afford, why not? :D

4. Fabulous dinner
At anywhere. Whether is it at a fine restaurant, fast food restaurant, coffee shop, hawker center or even home-cooked food, it is not the place that matters. Good food, good ambiance and of course good company :)

5. Chase Crawford & Ed Westwick
Hm, secks?

6. You

I haven't really thought what's the perfect kind of Vday date for me. I should, huh. :)

Anyhoos, tpsw paper was pretty okay. We left school at about 12pm. Jems, Zoe, Marc & I went Tiong Bahru for lunch. We had Mos ^^ heh heh so happy but the cravings were already long gone =/ After lunch we went to walk around. Jems got her nose stud and Zoe bought a chiffon ruffles top just so randomly hahaha but it looks food on her! Wait until she uploads/sends the photo we took today over :)

Z: Nekochan is cat in Japanese can!
M: Cat?? Oh, that's why you like Hello Kitty la? Neh (points to her big kitty keychain on her phone)
Z: Yeh yeh yeh substitude. I hug and kiss him to sleep every night

M: Wah my cert damn heavy leh, all the 'A's
M: (smells his PC cert) wah very nice smell leh.. Smell of 'A's hmm

I luv going out with them, despite M's constant reminder of weknowwho. M's craziness really got into us and our bitchiness has got into him as well...okay he is already bitchy to start with but just more bitchy, nosy and gossipy. Hor? Hahahaha

One more to add to the hate list:
I hate it when people come on msn, IMs me, talk talk talk talk happily (most of the time, the whole convo is about them) and goes offline without saying anything. No ttyl, no bb, no (L), no nothing. The next time they IM or even text me, it's when they need my help with something.

I got no idea what to do now. Should I watch Grey's or should I get some sleep since I only slept 3.5 hours the night before? I don't know. I'm on the phone with J now, bitching about some fugly bitches omg u r dizgustin'

i'm staying in tomorrow. Sleep a lot a lot and pack my bag and get ready for a great weekend. I'm crossing my fingers. Ugh I don't want this perfectly planned small vday weekend getaway to be ruined. Mood, plans whatever. I just need a break from everything (esp from a bitch like you, and little 'oh!' whore like you. opps, your act-cute act in class today didn't amused us, you failed I am not sorry at all). No parents, no naggings, no yellings, no one to bug me. Hm, spells perfect. I hope to be back all cheery, relax and happy, and also with hell lot of visuals to be put up here and in Facebook :)

SA: Yeh, that's quite smart of you :) Haha awh okay I hope you find the girl of your dreams someday, somehow. Be sure to treasure and love her!
Ban: (Y) BEST ahaha what brand, Caesar? :D

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i always treasure the girl of my life and i do wish yours will treasure you too. it doesn't matter if its two of the same sex or two from the opposite sex, as long as they connect, as long as they are happy. i hope you are happy like how you sounded in your blog everytime.

happy times ought to be remembered. i will always remember how you smile, genuinely, in those pics. its gettin' addictive, your blog is my daily dosage now, have a great weekend and i hope i will see truck loads of pics when i am back!

i wish this small getaway will be perfect for you. always remember, secret admirer is always here =)

with love,

February 13, 2009 at 3:32 AM  
Anonymous Van said...

OMG, ED WESTWICK! Gosh, thinking about his offscreen romance with onscreen VANESSA. haha! okay i'm crazy.

February 14, 2009 at 1:11 AM  

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