Monday, February 16, 2009

Sometimes you keep falling; you don't catch anything

first day of term two
went to school with bff
mr padhman for journalism and news boardcasting module
effin' boring lecture + lecturer
counting down to end of class
wasted time in Shim's workplace with bff
vintage bags heels and dresses
hell lot of ideas of what to do for anniversaries & birthdays
breakfast surprise bento baking gifts dinner
left at 2ish for late lunch
cabbed to plaza by the park
had thai food <3
super sleepy no mood to shop and talk cock
went home at around 4pm

thank you for the day my very kp bff who keep cursing that one of the diamonds on my Chanel pendant will drop. i wuv you no matter how kp you are okay :)

What a time to fall miserably ill. I have no mood for anything at all. I came home & fell asleep unknowingly. I was waiting for Zel to be done with the toilet but I fell asleep instead. Slept 'til dinner and we had bak kut teh uber yummy! My throat was burning but I still drank 2 bowls for dinner hahah.

Bee just called and she said I'm losing my voice :( I don't think I can make it to class tomorrow. The headache throat and nose is killing me. I cannot breathe well either. This suckssssss. I already asked Bee to accompany me to the clinic tomorrow. I hope I will feel better either by tonight or tomorrow morning.

I broke one rule today. I spent more than $5. Another $4 more!! Ugh no more no more no more. Today exceptional because.....bff's first day of school :D hahah tomorrow I gotta go develop the film from the toy camera bee got me & also deposit the money mom gave me. I really need to remind myself please -.- I really wanna watch Grey's but :( argh cannot take it I really need to rest.

A, remember what I told you. These people who have showered their care and concern - don't disappoint them. I hope after this I would really see you trying to get out of that circle and not continue to let others influence you. Take care, have fun in school luv xx

SA: Thank you, I'm flattered :) I hope your vday weekend was a good one!
Anon: Happy vday to you too!
Anon: Thank you!!
Varron: Yeh it sure is not easy :) I hope your vday weekend was a good one eh!
Dean: We paid about $222 for this vday package but on normal days, it is only $188 per night for the superior room. The price is reasonable and the stay is definitely worth the price! It sure is a cool hotel, super pretty!
Shinn: Thank you babes! I hope you're doing good ^^

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello glynis love, i am really psyched to see happy pics when i scrolled down and even though theres many unwillingness in me, i still want to congrats you on gettin' her back. i see the glow, the love and the chemistry between the both of you. hope this will be somethin' that will last this time.

but like i said, always remember if she fails you, i will be here to catch you. take good care of yourself and please go to the doc's tmr.

with love,

February 17, 2009 at 2:42 AM  

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