Friday, February 27, 2009

Rush of love around my heart just as you take my hand

Feeling: Sick/under the weather/ill/unwell

This really sucks. The mood sucks. The feeling sucks. Everything sucks. Baby, where are you :( why aren't you around all the time..

So I gave school a miss and stayed in all day. 'Cept during lunchtime. I collected the photos from the second roll of film and had lunch with mom. I was craving for ban mian despite the sickness. The second roll of film got 12 photos *claps* wonderful. Improvement, no? The first roll of Fisheye film: 4. The first roll of Waterproof film: 8. The second roll of Waterproof film: 12!! But nothing was really really nice or I like :/ Hm this sucks. I was telling bff that I give up on film cameras and I suck at it. Random but I hate the smell of fertilizers.

Most photos were taken last Saturday.

Torrent is such a bitch sometimes. Some uploaders are real bitches well. I downloaded Confessions of a Shopaholic & He's Just Not That Into You twice _|_ why? 'Cos the damn video was spoilt & needed password to extract the video but the uploader did not indicate how I can get the password. Seriously!! These people really suck.

Rihanna might be pregnant.
Not surprising, seriously. Star magazine says that Rihanna thought she was pregnant with Chris Brown's baby in the days leading up to their fight, but she never told him because she thought he might react badly.  Which makes sense considering he punched her in the eye just for throwing his keys.

Tomorrow will be spent with the family over at Aunt Shirley's place. If Che isn't going down, I wouldn't wanna be there either. I kinda wanna stay home with Grey's. It's getting exciting! Mom was like, "Are you that addicted that your eyes can't leave the screen?" Haha sorry mom but I am!

I guess my body clock is getting quite used to sleeping early, I'm feeling tired already. Just check out the time now. Barely 11pm & I'm sleepy. Good sign good sign. I hope this continues. Baby's coming home soon. Real soon, I hope. I haven't got to spend time with her at all. The three main technology that keeps us together the past week is text, phone & IM. We only got a few hours to communicate. Frikkin' sad, prease. This is bad but I'm glad she will be done with this event soon. Which also means more time for us & for me ^^ Money issues would be gone with the wind but my $5 budget plan will still goes on! I have decided that it will go on even though we won't be having any troubles with money anymore but I want to because I realised that this week, I only spent $50! Which is another good sign because that means the plan worked!! One more thing, did I mention about my diet plan? Liquid + veg + fruits only diet. It is going very very well. Day 3 and I am still surviving! I'm not gonna give up, I must persevere!!

I wish you were nearhere.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the photos quite nice. where you take them at? what cam you used? where you buy <-this frm? very cute i oso wan!

February 28, 2009 at 1:23 AM  

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