Friday, February 20, 2009

I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow

Happy birthday Zaeron!
Happy birthday Shawn!
Happy birthday Denise!
May all your wishes and dreams come true. Love xx

And happy third month anniversary to S & LH :) :)

"Kindly spread the news to your friends. If possible, do not go Bugis these few days. Terrorists may plan bombs around that area. This message was forwarded from my friend's army friend who said they're already on 24 hours standby. Not sure how true but a friend was at Bugis today and there were really many policemen..."

Ban, please avoid going down to Bugis okay!! :( I do not want anything bad to happen to you!
And to all of you, please avoid going down to Bugis! Spread this to your friends or post it in your blog/facebook/friendster/your face

And I am the worst student ever. I skipped class again today. Long stupid story. I was done but I was very carried away doing my own packing and cleaning up that I forgot the time and Shim also took her own sweet time to get ready (don't put the blame on her 'cos I told her to). By the time we are both ready and set to go it was already 11.15am and class ends at 11.30am. Which is pointless to go down as you can tell so we..dropped it. AH I FEEL SO BAD OK I SHOULD ATTEND CLASS NO MATTER HOW SORE MY BODY IS ACHING AND HOW HORRIBLE MY COUGHS ARE. I SHOULD NOT BE PACKING MY THINGS!!!?

Ok I admit I was playing Sims for awhile. :x Got too carried away dammit I promise next week it will be full attendance. If I don't get fever/migraine/aches/sores.

And I also scanned the toy cam photos hehe ^^

Turned out exactly the way I want it to be
Dustbunnyvintage ^^
(Eh shim, free advertorial ahhaha)
Gucci bags fer uu mdm?

NICE NOT NICE NOT!?!! Nice righttttt hahaha not bad my first roll of film, not bad huh only got 8. The other time the fisheye roll I only got 4! Got improvement neh. I didn't edit the photos la all the edges and all that. I will do it tomorrow when I'm not dead

I've found a spree organiser who organises only toy/film camera & film sprees! All the cutsie stuff! I'm gonna buy one toycam next month after I get my allowance and a bit of shopping!! The suffer through this $5 budget daily plan of ours is going to be worthwhile 'cos in March I will start shopping like no tomorrow!!

Met bee for a lazy stay-in Friday as planned :) We had KFC for lunch at Bukit Panjang Plaza before heading to her place. On the way to her place, I was reading Eclipse ('cos bff read later than me but she's at Breaking Dawn already sibei buay song so I must chiong chiong chiong) and falling asleep at the same time. Super duper sleepy I tell you! After lunch we went to her crib and we watched Sex Drive! Super boring and sexual and ok not very disgusting. I downloaded the uncensored version via utorrent. Very clear, very good heh heh heh! I shall look for more movies that I wanted to watch but didn't get a chance to to download :D

Photos is with bee but she went to bed already. I think I'll be going over to her place tomorrow. I will zip it and send over so I can put it up here tomorrow oteh oteh oteh (: tomorrow we'll be going to her old house area to take photos! She said the area there is quite rundown and old so we are going there to take photos. :D hopefully I will be able to change mom's mind tomorrow about me going out while she stays home to entertain my relatives.. :(

Bee found a temporary job at Plaza Singapura. For two weeks straight, paid $5 hourly, 1pm to 10pm. I am really happy for her. We've been flipping newspapers and searching online for a job but nothing suit her and none interests me either. At least she got a job now, she need not worry much about school fees. Hm I foresee happier days :)
But because of this temp job, we won't be seeing each other for two weeks which means we won't be celebrating our 21st together :( which also means my surprise for her is ruined thoroughly!! Sigh..gotta think of another plan then.

P/s: If the post don't make sense to you, seriously I am very super sleepy. Typing with my eyes half closed hahaha

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give me the link CAN CAN CAN got the spreeeee? Heeee. :D

February 21, 2009 at 10:43 AM  

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