Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So surround me, I need anything & you're everything

I hope you fail in whatever you do. Studies, business and relationship. You'll get your damn karma okay. Just watch out. To think what a fool I am to pay and do everything then you just call off everything and lead your oh so fucking happy life. Reason being you are happier this way. Bitch, no?


Okay i was very very mad just now and being very mean. Some people, they are so selfish, they only think for themselves. I really hate it. Why can't you spare a thought for others. This is so fucked up.

I love TVRP :) but I dislike the lecturer. He's like Padhman man! Bad handwriting. It's just scribblings okay, how to read!! Seriously lecturers and teachers should go for some classes to improve their handwriting. Made muffins last night. Because I need something to distract me and also because I am really happy :) I bake when I am happy. I brought some to school for the girls to try but only Jemi and Marc came to school. Jemi said it was nice, heh heh and I gave the rest to bee. She just finished and told me it's damn nice. I am happier that it is nice. I will bring more to let bff try tomorrow!

After school, bee came to pick me :) we went to PS and had lunch at BK. We were eating damn fast because bee was running late. Yesterday with bff, I was hinting bee that I want the jacket badly. But I didn't meant to hint her, i was just kidding. I know she doesn't have the money and if she buy it for me, i will feel damn bad about it. Guess what? Today she gave me money to buy the jacket. Guilty x 32746329349834908230903 x infinity !!! I felt so bad. I kept pushing the money back to her but she insisted that I take it so I did. I took $20. Now I gotta psycho mom to fork out $25 for me and yay that fucking pretty jacket hahahaha damn happy!! Bee, I will buy you dinner (at Fish & Co?? :D) when you're done with this job kay :)
Walked bee to her workplace after lunch and I went straight home to rest and watch Grey's on a lazy rainy Wednesday afternoon. Today felt like Thursday. Why? I am not looking forward to the weekends. In fact, I dread it. I really do. The first time in a while I'd not be going anywhere this weekend. Just staying home with my part-time girlfriend, Grey's Anatomy.

I wanted to change the colour of my denim shorts but I brought the receipt out without the shorts -.- how dumb can i fucking get seriously! I was still reminding myself to put the shorts into my bag and I forgot. Omg genius.

Anyway I will be having Mac's breakfast tomorrow morning with bff!! :D Gonna ta bao to class hahah we're gonna take 153 yay! Am gonna call bee now before she goes to bed OK BAIIII <3

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey glynis love, i don't know who are you talkin' abt but i do know theres karma. whatever you're feelin' now, that person will get it 10 times worst. you don't deserve to be upset.

why are you dreadin' the weekends? sometimes its good to take a break, spend a day lazin' ard during the wkends, with a book and a cup of your fav starbucks drink on hands, does work wonders. or bake, like you say bake when you're happy, and everybody who eats it feel the same as you do. =) cheer up there, love.

with love,

February 26, 2009 at 1:03 AM  

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