Thursday, February 19, 2009

I hope you're as happy as you're pretending

These sadness crossed my mind and is here to stay.
Well, not anymore!
I wanted to blog last night but I kept staring at the blank text box, I don't know what to blog about at all. I only got that sentence down and blank, so I gave up.
Anyway, I felt a lot better after bee called :) she always make me feel a lot better heh heh

Yesterday was super crazy day with my stupid bff. We had a bad bad night to be honest but being out with each other kinda make us feel better. Right bff? (You better agree ok) class was boring as hell but I love Mr Sivam 'cos "he is vegetarian yknow and he eats alone!! so cute right!!" as I quoted bff :) :) :) HAHAHAHA SHE IS GOING "EH PEACH KNN" ME AFTER SHE READS THIS HAHAHA

After class we went off to Far East. Zoe was like on a shopping spree, seriously! Never let her have too much cash on hand else she goes crazy. Confiscate her atm card well, omg siao gin na. She bought a cutsie dress (bloody cute it's on sale on one of the blogshops..I think A Girl's Label? I don't know), a Hermes-inspired bracelet and a fucking nice black cropped biker jacket that I want. Peachhh you better wear it to school and let me have it for three hours okay!!!!!! Fuck it if only I got $50 to spare now :(

Zoe went off to meet her mom for groceries shopping while bff and I went to have chickie lice! :D Ok chicken rice. Berri nice chickie lice! We were so hungry before that and after the meal we were bloated to the brim hahaha. We went to "catwalk" around the whole fep. Sat near the fountain for awhile before we too bus to DG. Bff went crazy okay we couldn't stop laughing at everything and anything because we were both very very tired and full hahaha need sleep and free ride home.

Our new tagline/slogan: sucks to be me/you/us/her/them/whatever, just fill it in yourself

I'm glad I'm seeing you 4x next week bff ^^ it means more window shopping which you call catwalking & more bitchings about people by using their url & our thrift store trip!! And picnic. And karaoke. And good food. And more $5 budget days with you. I luv <3 Thanks bff :)
x  x  x

Today's our lazy cum shorts day but I overslept cheeeeeebs :( so I didn't make it. I was coughing like hell omg and I really want Nurtella on my white bread but I can't :( :( my throat is a killerrrrrr

Anyway I had lunch with mom at Long John Silver & we shared a meal. Stupid birds kept flying into the fast food restaurant wtf man!!!!! Thanks to the little boy on the next table, he kept running to chase the bird out else I'd freak out at least a few times hahaha.

I stayed in to play Sims and nothing else. Good day good day.

Thanks Zoe :}

I realised I've got a lot of random photos in my Bluetooth folder in the laptop. Tsk. I went to collect the photos from the shop today & dammit, only 8 were developed! The rest were overexposed :( But the 8 is like damn nice damn nice damn nice. Mostly pictures of bee's fat face hahaha. I will scan them tomorrow and post it up heh heh

I'm gonna watch Grey's now it's getting damn exciting I must not miss it!! After that I will take medicine and go to bed. I must sleep early!!!

SA: Thanks :) Are you gonna reveal your identity yet hahahaha
Eve: Thank you ^^
Varron: Aw thanks. You just made me smile haha aren't you glad!! Hahaha
Anonymous: Thank you! But yeh things are getting a little better :) Oh I got them mostly from deviantART, flickr or Photobucket!

Look down at your chest & a little to the left.
That's where I'll always be.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG YOU PEACH LOR HAHAHA its damn funny omg i think abt that sivam part, omg sucks to be him, vegetarian! knn sia, hate you. sucks to be you. HAHAHA (L)

February 20, 2009 at 12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey glynis love, sorry for disappearin' the past few days, was busy with project & stuffs. i was actually quite affected with the post about you and your mum. i dont have any rights to say anythin' but i do hope your mum loves you for who are and not becomin' who she wants you to be. you shouldnt be manipulated like this.

i feel unfair for you. but i am glad j is doing a good job in pickin' you up. hope her phone calls definitely helped. please do not pretend to be happy, i hope you really are smilin'

i will always be here and i wanna be here still, as a secret admirer. it doesnt matter afterall, reveal or not =) just want to be here for you, silently, in my own ways. goodnight glynis.

with love,

February 20, 2009 at 2:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Secret.Admirer, are you a bung? jus kpo wana noe =>

February 21, 2009 at 1:48 AM  

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