Sunday, February 22, 2009

All I want, at least right now, is to be close to you

Aren't I glad that we both dream of each other once in every while. :)

I was still up at 5am, watching Grey's. Addicted, am I not!? This has got no cure, I am so dead :( But I'm quite tired today so I will sleep early to get ready for school tomorrow. 8.30am class sucks I swear.

Rainy Sunday was spent with the family. Went Hougang Mall to have later lunch. I only woke up at 1am so we had lunch really later. More like lunch cum dinner. Bought two shorts from Cotton On :D Yay more shorts for school! I was telling bee that I really need shorts and clothes for school tsk tsk so many clothes in my closet but I don't know what to wear!

When we came home I spen the entire evening playing Sims. Guess what's the name of my sims? Meredith Grey. I sure am addicted huh.

Taken on 12 February @ Tiong Bahru

Saturday was nothing but quality time with the girlfriend around my area. We had lunch at Mos & walked from Compass Point to Rivervale Mall. I was thinking where else I can bring her to to show her around but I couldn't think of any place :( Now that I know the park near the expressway is done 'cos I saw people jogging and kids cycling there yesterday on the way to dinner. I will definitely bring bee there :D

Hm, we went Rivervale Mall and bought cheap tees! I asked her to buy two and try first. If it's comfy haha I will buy heh heh. We went into this kiddy store and I was looking for a Elmo water bottle that I can bring to school but no have :( maybe I will get the small red Nike one. Now that I think back, I've wasted a lot on mineral water. Dammit could've save it up for rainy days like these! After that we walked back to Compass Point to develop some photos :) Bee walked me home and she went to take the bus.

Relatives were over at my place. Jenae learned a lot of things! She's finally starting to walk bit by bit. And she learned to say a lot of things. Super adorable. We went for dinner at Huat Kee Teochew Restaurant. The whole family was present this time. Ah, nice :) We took family picca again haha yay! After dinner we went to Chinatown Point for ice-cream at Swensen's :) Photos are in the memory card, I've yet to upload them. Photo spamz another time!! But for now it's comment replies then Grey's. Goodnight all :)

Bff: Whatever peach! Sivam cute what hor? 'Cos he eat alone and he's vegetarian ^^ KNN you always wanna zi siao me about my blog or what I say or J, I swear you peach I will zi siao you about meowww or sivam. You just love him ok, especially his vest. Whoohoo cool yo! See you tomorrow, sucks to be your bff (L) HAHAHAH
SA: I don't know what to tell you sometimes. Your comments always make me feel so..cared and concerned for. There is someone out there whom I barely know of who cares truly. This is crazy but amazing at the same time. I'm always thanking for the things you say that comfort me in a way or two but really, I'm quite thankful that there is someone like you who is willing to be here for me. The me that you hardly know of, the me that you only know this much about through my blog. And truly, I hope you find someone who would love you better than the way I love J & be the perfect couple around :) Lots of love goes out to you!
Anon: For SA to reply!
Anon: Are you Varron!? Hahaha sure ask from me when you're online okay!
Anon: Thank you! hehe :}
Eve: Hahaha thank you babe! :)
Sonia: It sure is :) Thank you!
Anon: Aww so sweet of you, thanks! =)

"Could I really have this?"
"What, precisely?"
"Me, how?"
"This life with you."

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Ahhhh, yes yes its me. OKKKKKKK. :D


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