Monday, February 23, 2009

I know you're busy, but please won't you come visit me?

School was awfully boring. "One more second in this lecture room I will die. I really will!" I cannot take it, I swear. Padhman is soon to be on my hate list. Handwriting sucks, very nice cursive penmanship but super small. Omg I am not blind but if I squint my eyes to read what he wrote on the board, I will soon go blind. And he mumbles. A lot. Actually, he does it ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Like oh thanks 'cher I am supposed to know watcha talkin' about huh!?

Dear Padhman,

Stop being so monotone, speak with your mouth open and write a bit bigger. We will all love you a little bitty more.

Annoyed girls at the back of the class

After school we cabbed down to Anchorpoint and had Thai food! Two weeks in a row, bff & I had Thai food but this time Jems was with us :) Jems took a bus home from another bus stop while bff & I took 64 down to Dhoby Ghaut.

Hehe it was raining so I suggested that we stay in PS before we go anywhere with no shelter and we wouldn't be able to leave and all that. I do not want to get drenched! Heh then we went to visit the love of my life. Omgosh very poor thing :( :( she was sitting on the floor, folding the shirts and putting tags in them. I felt the pinch. The 'why am I not a rich fuck so I can pay her school fees and our expenses' pinch. The 'I wish I was the one working in her place' pinch. The 'she is suffering & I do not like that, I wish it was me' pinch. It was just painful.

Walked around and bought some stuff from Daiso. Went to visit bee again before we head home :) I like spending time like this. After school, lunch window shop or just plain sitting at the cafe enjoying the afternoon and all that. We were tired, I swear we were but I was happy. Sank bff :) Mac's tomorrow morning??? Hahaha

Got home, showered, changed and watched Grey's. I intend to start sleeping early. I was thinking to myself, why must I only watch Grey's in the middle of the night & Grey's is not gonna run away it is on the net for so long it won't run away!! So I have decided. I will not nap in the noon as much as I would love to 'cos I am not a nap person but I want to be, don't ask me why. I will just watch shows and do whatever shit I need to and until about 11ish I will pack my things and go to bed. Sounds like a great plan. Let's see if it works tonight!

I'm glad the first day at work for you went well. Cannot wait to see you tomorrow. Just seeing you is good enough..I mean, better if we can talk or just a hug (which I really need one right now after all that sweet talking from you). Have fun at work tomorrow babybumblebee ^^

P/s: This blog needs some visuals omg so borling leh

This is me signing out <3

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

before i start, i gotta comment on your previous reply. thank you for acknowledgin' the fact that a stranger is here,givin' you all the encouragement i can. i might not be able to do much but the fact that readin' your posts and your replies to me makes me smile as much as i want you to, when readin' mine.

always be yourself, love =)

with love,

February 24, 2009 at 12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow you sure are a greys addict! which season are you at and which episode?

February 24, 2009 at 9:51 AM  

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