Sunday, May 10, 2009

Promises are just words unless they are fulfilled

Happy Mumsy's Day!!
To all mothers, grandmothers, mothers-to-be, grandmothers-to-be :)
And also to you my mummy dearest! Your bag will arrive in two weeks, really hope you'd like it :)

On Wednesday, I spent the entire day studying. Lunch with Zel at Subway in the noon, bought mumsy's day presents for godmas & headed back home to study. The email from Anna ruined my mood and entire day to study. But thank God for girlfriend & bff <3

On Thursday, the paper started at 9am. Poor Jemsy didn't slept a wink at all just to cram everything into her head. She looked extremely dreamy! I thought I was the worst 'cos I slept at 3am & woke up at 6am but she was worse!! I was just as dreamy that I left my waterbottle & left the classroom & only realised it when I wanted to drink while waiting for bff, Jems & Shimmy. After they were all done, girlfriend came to hand in her insurance and we left together. Jems went home, Shimmy went to work, the three of us went to Far East for lunch. Graffiti Cafe for pontian mee!

To be honest, the food is good. But what I really hate is the numbering. There'll be number-calling for you to get your food when it's ready and it sounds like you're at the clinic. When we first heard it, bff was like, "What the hell, sounds like we're in the clinic & it's damn irritating!" Imagine if there's 5 customers in queue and it keeps ringing like no tomorrow..... Bff ate as fast as she could, she left immediately after that for work. After girlfriend & I were done, I bought a pair of plain black high waist shorts! Finally :) Visited bff at work after her boss left. Tried on the clothes and left after awhile. Bought my pens from Muji Paragon, then took a bus to girlfriend's place. I wanted to sleep but girlfriend kept disturbing me, asking me about Restaurant City, bloghopping and all that. Stayed on until about 6ish and cabbed home. I was so tired, I fell asleep in the cab!

She said we'd be friends again, because she could see from your eyes that you wanna patch things up but something is stopping you. I'm wondering if it's her.. And I do hope her sixth sense is right. Honestly, I do want our friendship back. I miss being your friend. I miss "I don't know, I don't care, I love cheap cheap underwear". I miss being your sister's friend. I miss being your sister's boyfriend's friend.

On Friday, I had lunch with the family at Swensen's. Dad was so sweet to accompany us during lunch. But a lot more unhappy things happened, bloody hell. I was damn pissed off but whatever, it's over and nothing will ever change until the day I can finally walk out of this. Anyway, mom bought me a dress (which I hate it already) and a tube top from Outfitter Girls! Sweeeeeeet :)

We had coffee after dinner at Ya Kun :) Sissy had eggs and I bought hotdog from the nearby store, I forgot what's the name :x We also bought coiled bands from the accessories storea at the mall!


Weekends came and went really quick. I spent both days at home studying. Saturday's dinner was at Jalan Malu Malu. THE WORST MEAL I EVER HAD, THE WORST PLACE TO HAVE IT AT AS WELL. The whole place was filled with roaches, lizards & mozzies!! Bloody disgusting I hate that place. I don't deny the food is pretty good there but nooooooooo way! Environment places a big part too, doesn't it!? I told mom I would never ever go to that place ever again. First and the last time it shall be!

This is the stupid place, so damn crowded!

Tonight's dinner was the best of the best. We went for zi char at Toa Payoh, our all-time favourite place. Cereal prawns, chilli crabs, sambal kangkong and yam cake! Afterwards, we went to Anchorvale McDonald's for ice-cream! I'm very full now... I cannot finish my fruit at all but I eally have to try and finish it bleah :(


Looking at the pictures now makes me feel like puking out everything... I'm so damn bloody full! Oh, and sorry for the blur pictures!! My phone is really destroyed. It is in a real bad condition. I forgot to bring the cam along so I just had to use the phone's camera. And also, I'm very uncertain about the watermarks. Should I do it, or should I not. I don't know. Got overdue photos from Monday & Tuesday but I'll upload them in the next post, probably.

Two more papers to go, four more days & I'm done with this. Two weeks break, and class starts again. Oh my god, this really sucks. Meanwhile, I'll need a part-time job. I don't wanna be lazing around doing nothing & waiting for money to come in like that. I'm logging off after this. Early today because..long story. All started with the AC in the master bedroom to be down, ugh!

P/s: Zel is watching HSM3 on DVD for the 38759837347239847th time.

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