Friday, May 1, 2009

I need your voice on the phone to remind me of how brave I am

A long update ahead!
I'll try to keep it short and sweet though. Need to head back to the notes after this!

28th April, Tuesday
I was home with bff all day. Studying JNB, writing notes, checking Restaurant City throughout.

I was writing notes, while bff was resting..
"Oh, one customer left because too slow.... You need a new table... Customer left... Not enough table... One more left..."

If you do play RC, you'd know what am I talking about.

29th April, Wednesday
It was our 23rd month anniversary but I, unfortunately, woke up to a bad start. Got shouted at for a morning call. Had lunch at Mac's with bee. Bff came later in the afternoon and we went to the library to study. Bee stayed for awhile to read books (and also disturb us hahaha). After she left, bff did something so slyyyyyy that got me laughing. Bought a little something for Jemsy! Really hope she likes it! saw it and thought of her hehe! Pass to you on Tuesday when I see you for the paper babe :) bought magazines and waited for Marilyn to come before I left for home.

The other day, I was complaining that the table I'm using right now is about to break in no time if I continue to use it with my heavy laptop and laptop cooler. So I told mom I wanted a new one and hopefully a bigger one.

Guess what my parents got for me?

New table for me!

A new, much bigger folded table! How sweet of them ^^

Zel went to the library to study with her friend, so it was just the three of us for dinner. Peace and quiet, me likey! Mom and dad went to the mall to get some stuff and picked sis on their way back. They came home with a cake from Breadtalk for mom! We sang the birthday song and took pictures (we were in boxers and pale faces hahahaha) as dad thinks that we won't have the time to do it the next day after coming home from the concert.

30th April, Thursday
I love you ♥ :)

Mom wasn't home all day until late evening. Bff and I had lunch over at my place and we studied until she had to leave to meet Marilyn. Play was having the PJS party and ugh I missed it because it was mom's birthday and exams are coming, I can't just leave the books and party like that, I feel bad if I do :/ I love themed parties, we should have a themed party soon.

After I got dressed up, we left for NAFA Campus 3. It was SJC's AE Night and Zel was performing so we bought tickets to watch. Met Zel outside the theatre, talked for a bit and we went to sit while she went backstage to prepare.

Saw a lot of familiar faces. Favourite part of the concert? The part when everyone sang along to the IJ song, Hold on to Our Dream. Felt like home again :) I miss being an IJ girl, in a blue uniform, a 10 minutes walk to and fro school, and not having to worry about money at all :(

No photos, it's still in the dslr!

1st May, Friday
Public holiday, Labour Day, came at the right time when all of us needed a break from school or work. Went over to Aunt Shirley's place for a gathering. It felt like it was weekend already but it was only Friday. Too excited about the weekend, aren't I? I had a lot of fun with the two girls, Jermaine and Jenae. Jenae is getting very very naughty! She pulled Jermaine's hair to ask her to go away. She whined and pretended to cry so she'd get what she want. Really naughty!

After we had dinner and set around until about 10pm, Zel suggested to have supper at the newly opened Mac's outlet at Anchorvale Community Center so we all went. It was a greeeaaat night :)

Photos are with Zel and she just refused to send them to me! :@

Mom asked my maid to let Elmo sit in the sun occasionally to avoid bad odours and bed bugs. Guess what she did to Elmo? This was what I saw in the balcony when I woke up in the morning.

I know right!? Elmo's like commiting suicide in the wrooooong way hahaha!

YAY Saturday is finally here :) :) <3
Blog more with photos later!

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