Sunday, May 3, 2009

Big girls still cry, so please be patient with me

'Time flies', as the saying goes. I was so glad to be reminded of him whenever I saw what he gave me when I was a little girl. Two years, today, there we were praying, at his second death anniversary. I still find it a wee bit hard that he is not around anymore. But I know, wherever he may be right now, he would want the best for me. I love you, kai-pa.

Woke up early and headed down to the temple to meet the rest of the family. Did the necessary praying and all that. Left at around 10.30am for breakfast at Braddell. Then we headed home. I studied a little of JNB before I start preparing to meet bb. I can't just go out without studying, I feel so bad :/

We went to Plaza by the Park. Had dim sum for start, since we were gonna meet the couple for dinner. The Kopitiam just renovated and it looks a lot better right now. The chairs are so cute, it's translucent! I always wanted the red one. There was this cafe at Millinia Walk, I don't know if it is still there, they've got all those colourful translucent chairs. Very pretty!

Siew mai, char siew bao
Chee cheong fun
Carrot cake

I really wanna have proper dim sum now at a restaurant. I want Crystal Jade. I want Hai Tian Lou :( sucks that dad is no longer a member at Pan Pacific arrrrgh ever since then, we stopped dining at Hai Tian Lou or going Pan Pac for drinks pfft

Raffles City, shopped around & bought nothing
Sat on the benches at City Link while waiting for bff to reply
Waited, and waited and waited and waited AND WAITED
We walked over to the train station and continued to wait.
Wait, waiting, waiting, been waiting.
Basically we didn't go anywhere but we spent the entire day waiting for bff to reply. Tsktsk *shakes head. AND FINALLY bee & I went to walk around at the basement of Raffles City to check out what we should have for dinner if they are not joining us. Shokudo seems nice but long queue! We chose Aerin's instead.

While waiting for them to come, we went to The CD Shop at came out $50 poorer. There was a promo going on, any three cds (selective ones) going for $49.90! When we walked in, they were playing Joanna Wang's songs which I've been wanting for a long long time since I worked at Cathay. Gramophone always play her songs! Very nice :)

Bevlyn Khoo's You Are My Angel
Joanna Wang's Start From Here
Olivia Ong's Fall In Love With

I've gotten most of the songs by Olivia Ong and bb just sent me the other two albums. I've to say Bevlyn Khoo is another great singer. Her voice is damn nice! I love the song You're My Angel from the album. It was originally sang by another Hong Kong singer. It was one of the theme songs for the drama series, which I cannot remember the name hahha. She wanted to get M.Y.M.P's new album, Absolute Acoustic but the only outlet that has got it is Paragon. So I told bb that I'll try to get it for her online instead since we won't be going town next weekend.

After that, we went to Aerin's, sat around and waited for them to come.


It's a very nice place to have dinner at, to be very honest. I love the ambiance there :) bb said we'll come here often if I like, teehee! They came and we started ordering our food and making hell lot of noise disturbing each other. Bff & Marilyn were sho schweeeeeet, they bought bb & I a bag of gummy sweets from Mark & Spencers :)))) Sank yew la sank yew!!!!

Marilyn's: M's affair - nice name but weird colour for a drink??
Bb's & bff's: Fish & Chips - a Must Try!! on the menu, IMO I think it's not too bad!
Mine: Spaghetti Prawn - very fresh prawns but overall, I don't like it
Marilyn's: Fish for Snapper (or whatever it is called) - very small portion!

Heard someone talking loudly and when I turned around, it was Gab and Deb, the adorably sweeeet couple! I love the two of them together :) I texted her and she turned around to say hi! Nice seeing you Deb, sorry that I didn't get a chance to say bye to you. You were really sweet by the way hehe!


Bill came, camwhored and left for the night market! Bought biscuits again, my favourite snack! I used to eat so much when I stayed in Gran's place. After moving out of Ang Mo Kio, mom don't buy me the biscuits cos only Gran knows I love it, especially when dipped into hot coffee! Teehee we walked the night market for the last time as they are closing already. Walked them to the bus stop and bb walked me home. I'm still smiling over her 'best friend below girlfriend, family same as best friend' & her 'xie xie girlfriend, okay, xie xie girlfriend'. :D

Today was spent at home, with the textbooks and notes. I almost lost control of my feelings today. I could've just taken the plunge and I won't be here right now. I need to start learning how to keep myself calm, don't take certain unnecessary things too seriously.

I was just saying that I wanna have dim sum earlier on in this entry and guess what mom just told me!!! She's bringing me for dim sum tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D And dad's driving which means yay I can wear heels :D Finally something worth being happy over.

OHZ by the way, M.Y.M.P's Absolute Acoustic is faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous. Every song is so soothing, it's like a lullaby. Very nice to fall asleep to. :)

OKI SAY GOODNIGHT AND GO FOR NAO. S factor is coming up on Channel 5 in awhile!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH HI BFF!! *WAVES* finish up the damn piercy pig ok, you better like it cos my van der woodsen gf bought it for you and your galz. teehee i love that place too but the food... hmm wasnt really that good to be honest!!! LETS NEWTON/CHOMP CHOMP SOON!! i really want stingray and la-la...

yay ok happy 23rd to all 4 us, i harpie you harpie too (L)

May 5, 2009 at 12:23 AM  

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