Monday, July 20, 2009

It's okay not to be alright

"You can never tell what people are thinking and feeling unless they tell you, and usually they lie. you ask them, 'What's wrong?' and they say 'Nothing'. You accept this because it’s easier than digging for the truth. People smile when they want to cry, they laugh when they want to scream and shout. They pretend like nothing is wrong because they don't want to face the truth. Things aren't always rainbows and butterflies, sometimes you gotta scream and cry your anger and sadness to the world, because you can only hold it in for so long before something in you snaps. so when you want to cry, cry. When you want to scream, scream. Don't hide behind fake smiles, it's ok to not be alright."

I certainly am not :(

Lunch with baby today at Far East Plaza. She had cravings for chendol & ayam penyet so we went today. A sudden decision made yesterday after her steamboat dinner. Hahahaha. Love you sweetheart :> lunch was great, food was fab, company was even better. The people who had lunch there needs to learn how to talk in a six-inch voice. They laugh like it's their own place!! I couldn't even hear myself..and we also found out that the restaurant actually does deliveries around Far East!!! :D yay yay yay we went back after lunch 'cos i promised Gran I'd be home quick (quick = 3 hours :( sorry gran i love youuuu) asap.

oh, and not forgetting, I surprised baby with the comic that she wanted to get, so she can read when she's free. Love it when she roll her eyes, smiles & give that why-must-i-close-my-eyes-but-i'm-so-happy-there-is-surprise-for-me look :D she was so happy, unwrapped it immediately..ahhhh that happy look was priceless. love her so much <3

Exactly one more month to my birthday, nine more days to our 26th(!!!), four more days to Econs paper!!!! *chants* I can do it I can do it I can do it!

Headache headache headache!! so painful :( i'm gonna rest early today & wake up early tomorrow to continue studying! will be back blogging after the paper :>

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