Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cleared the dust, wiped her eyes & filed away the memories

I'm damn bored. I can't study. I can't bring myself to do it yet. I'm craving for dim sum at Zhou's Kitchen. Speaking of which, I've not blogged about it & I've been there twice already! Shall blog about it now since I have the time :)

Fried carrot cake

Egg tarts

Char siew sou

Fu pi juan

Hot & sour soup

Prawn pasted chicken

Siew mai

Char siew bao

Fried rice

Chicken feet

Drunken chicken

Fried fish skin

Muah chee

Gu cai kueh

The photos, obviously, won't do justice! You gotta go try it. High tea from 2.45pm to 5pm for adults at $16.80++, child at $10.80++ only!!

I love dim sums & I love going for high tea. High tea = lunch + dinner! SAVE COST :) I must bring girlfriend there soon. It is damn good. Looking at the pictures now make me wanna make a reservation for tomorrow teehee!

Oh, tomorrow I'll be meeting the girlfriend for a day out. We're finally going to Laurent Chocolate Cafe!! Yay so excited, can't wait :) gonna visit bff after lunch. I'm still so upset that I've finished watching BOF :( Shall go find some shows to watch now, toodles!

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