Monday, June 29, 2009

I've been known to fall in love but sometimes love is just not enough

Must be wondering why no lovey dovey post on 29th? Someone screwed it up. No 'happy 25th!' text messages, no love, care & concern, no nothing. Hello to a bad month ahead. I always believe that a good start of the month is very important. And 29th of every month is a start of a new month for us but apparently, it was ruined but we'll see. Hopefully this month is exceptionally; despite the ugly start, it is still good month after all.

Bff was late, as usual >:@ Had to forgo our Mac's breakfast plan. She went to the mall to get it for me before coming over to the train station but it was sold out to the previous customer in front of her. so she bought me.....

Kinder Bueno & Famous Amos!
Thanks bff :>

GP presentation went well. I didn't allow all that to spoil my mood for the presentation. Need to be in a good mood to do well! Met Jems at the train station, took shuttle bus to school. On the way, I asked her about her celebration with her boyf. Like what I always say, expect the unexpected. Her boyfriend got her a Juicy Couture watch! It totally surprised her. When we were out that day, I told her who knows what he'd get & he might just surprise her haha! Back to GP presentation.. Marc came unprepared, it was really funny. He introduced himself, said he chose PR 'cos he liked Mr Sivam ahahahaha it was really funny. He also told us he is "going to San Diego". Seriously, FOS. FOS = Full of shit! Jems' presentation went great, she left for lunch with her "starved like an African kid" brother. HAVE FACEBOOK OR TWITTER PLZZZZ JEMSY! *psycho psycho psycho*

After presentation, we were supposed to go back for class but class ended already. On the way back, we bumped into Jeanette!! Haha I called her & she alighted at Tiong Bahru instead of Outram Park. Silly her! So we took the train back together & she alighted at Hougang station :> We were both starving so  went to the mall & had very late lunch at Pizza Hut!

My fav drumlets!



A very happy bff with her student meal!

Me in the headband that caused my head to be in pain for hours :/

After lunch, we went to 7-eleven! On the way home with Nette, she showed me all her Mr Men & Little Miss keychains from 7-eleven. So cute!! Bought Vicks & lollipop for two capsules hehehe :)


We got Little Miss Shy, Mr Small, two Mr Greedy! Gave Mr Small to bb, Mr Greedy to sissy, I kept Little Miss Shy & bff kept the other Mr Greedy :) so cute. We both were so addicted to it hahaha wanted to get more but the girl behind the cashier was really rule. Kept giving us attitude & those stares. We're gonna get more the next time we buy something from 7-eleven! I really wanna get Little Miss Sunshine & Little Miss Chatterbox :(

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