Friday, July 3, 2009

And just like that, I lost my heart

The last day of class was the day that bff & I spoke the most to Shermaine, Christina & Swatee, the three lovely classmates that we're the closest to. They are great, really. I'm so glad we're not judged for being labeled as "the remodule girls". We're gonna meet up during the study week to study together :D

Speaking of which, on 17th June, just the day before I left for KL, we had class & bb wanted to 'crush' our lecture, so we met bff at Outram Park to go class together. We had lunch at 99c sushi before that!! I was craving for it for quite some time hehe thanks ah bee :) Just before we left, we went to the pet shop.

Cute or what!!!!!! Hahah two of them stucked their heads out while sleeping, so adorable :)

The rest of the day sucked, which resulted in me crying my eyes out to fight for what I wanted. In the end? Zero, was the result. Forget it. I have to accept it that I often do things to please others, I put others before myself. I've to constantly remind myself this: Stop bothering, care less, love yourself.

After I was home from KL, I fell ill in the evening. After bb's persuasion, I went to the doctor's on the 23rd June with bb. I was really really sick. Fever, cough, flu = enough to kill me. Barely spoke to bb 'cos each time I wanna talk, I'll start coughing or sneezing. She kept doing stupid actions to act like I've got H1N1 & like, show people to leave me alone -.- Irritating!

There was this guy who looked a little like * in the clinic with his sister (oh wow). FUCKING IRRITATING. He was talking so loudly, I can hear everything that he said. I thought it was just his loud voice. Guess what he said? "Wah so many deaths from H1N1. I think they all deserve to die hahahahahaha! All deserve it whoohoo!! People who got it can just die!!!!! Hahahahahaha great, peace!" His sister just kept quiet. I was guessing that he is around twenties. Seriously, in your twenties and this is how sensitive you can get? Other than that, he was reading out the subtitles from the television programme on CNA, in a squeky voice. Out to piss people off or what? Seriously!!

The clinic was so packed. Seems like it is the flu season? Had lunch at Banquet before heading home. Bb has always wanted to try Banquet 'cos she said the food looks good hahaha because it's crowded almost all the time!

Laksa for her

Chicken porridge that bb ordered for me

(Ahem, suddenly feel like I'm blogging like an ah lian)

The next day, we booked the badminton court but I couldn't play as I'm still feeling feverish. So I played with Jenae & Jermaine most of the time. After the game, I suggested to go for Taochew porridge! I was in the mood for porridge, and that's when you know I am really really sick. Hahaha I don't really fancy porridge so the only time I will eat it is when I'm sick :D

Chicken in ginger sauce
I don't know what is this called..tou pok?
Veg, & Sissy's fav, lala :)

After dinner, we had Selegie Beancurd which was just down the street. I'm pretty much addicted to it now.. Eating it almost every once a week!!

Soya bean with pearls

My yummy beancurd, so smooth!!

Must. Change. The. Damn. Layout!!!!!!!!!! It is getting on my nerves. So messy, so plain, so colourless. I wanted to ask Ning to help me with it but she's busy :( I've survived almost seven months without a pretty layout for the first time hahaha. I shall do up one really soon..i hope? Nonono, revision first. Must study before I proceed to do such things!

Anyway,  I'm gonna meet bb tomorrow at her place. Can't wait to eat ramen! Ramen! Ramen!! Ramen!!! Ramen!!!! Thinking of it now makes me hungry hehehe ok I gotta go for badminton now. Toodles!! <3

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