Thursday, July 9, 2009

I never thought I’d say, I’m fine without you

Seriously, I need the blogging bug to be back. Once I stopped blogging, I can't start. :( I don't want this blog to end up abandoned.

Anyway, today I went to the dentist with mom. The bus ride there was..thoughtful. But I like bus rides :) Had lunch with dad and mom at the hawker center. Chatted for awhile before dad left & it was time for our appointment. The nurse took my temperature & said, "Hm, 37.2 degree. Drink more water ah. Now weather hot, drink more water hor. Drink more water ah." I was like oh okay.......aren't you a dentist's nurse? :/ Mom went in first. Thank God there's wireless@sg there, I was quite bored while waiting. When it was my turn, the dentist said everything is okay hehe yay! After I was done, mom asked if the dentist did mentioned to me that I should stop eating sweets hahahah :D

The weather looked like it was gonna rain when we were about to leave. Walked around AMK hub. Walked pass Koi Cafe!! I heard their bubble tea is pretty good. We saw this girl carrying one of the cups. Half the cup was filled with pearls! Hahaha mom said no wonder it's so expensive, 'cos of the pearls! But it sure does look yummy.. Must try it soon!

Took 86 back home. I was very lazy to walk out to the 159 bus stop :P and I told mom that bff said 86 is pretty fast, about half an hour or so. IN THE END IT TOOK US ABOUT 45 MINUTES!! Bff's estimation not accurate at all :@ went to the mall. Bought some food & went back home.

I've got an interview tomorrow at this accessories shop. I'm having second thoughts now. Bff said one of her friends worked for them & she said it's very tiring & you don't get to sit!! Cannot use lappie either. How now brown cow? :( it is not the kind of job that I want. If I can use lappie, means I can still do my work & all that while working... :(

Anyhoos, I'm gonna go study with bff tomorrow. Ayam penyet & kimchi ramen! We've already planned what to eat :D she's been craving for kimchi ramen & I've been craving for ayam penyet. Thanks to Shermaine who mentioned it on Plurk hahaha we MUST study tomorrow, MUST!!!!!

Bad day of pretending, bad night of arguements.

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