Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sometimes the hardest things to say are the things that really matter

Finally got the time to update this space. Been busy with school, assignment & GP. Now that it is all over, I'm so relieved. Next would be revision for Econs paper. I can do it, I know I can. With a little faith, I know I can do it. If I can, bff, so can you :) This shall we the last time we study for Econs for the rest of our lives!

Suddenly feel like life is so meaningless. There is nothing more to look forward to, not at all. I'm so sick of trying my best & not feel appreciated at all. So sick of having to cry myself to sleep the past few nights. I have not felt happy in a long while. With all that is happening & has happened, I'm so sick and tired. Really wish this isn't my life. I wish I can swap this life with someone else. :(

I've been feeling really tired lately. Insufficient rest. Haven't been able to sleep well either. All these nights when we argue or talk about unhappy stuff, it really ruins my entire night. But who..who will ever understand how it feels like to be in this position? Been trying my best, my bestest..

Anyway, I still got quite a lot of overdue photos to be uploaded! High tea with the folks, outing with the girls, outing with the bff, outing with Gran, Mom, sissy & Che, badminton + dinner with the family, desserts with the family & the See family, B&J's + steamboat dinner + Mac's with the family & the See family! Omg so much.. I better get started on the watermarks so I can post them really soon. Watch this space! x

I'm watching Boys Over Flowers/Boys Before Flowers now. Totally ditched The Hills :x I'll continue watching Season 4 when I feel like. This show made me cry like mad & made me think a lot. It is a great show though, I really like it. There's tears, smiles & laughter. I like this kinda show :) Ever since I started watching, I've been craving for kimchi noodles, Korean bbq & stone pot rice! Off to watch the show now!

P/s: before I go, this is one thing that totally made my day today.

Kimchi cup noodles!!!!!!!! ^^

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