Thursday, July 16, 2009

For everything its worth, every breathe I take still hurts

This week, even before it ends, has been a awfully tiring one so far. One more week before I can finally take a break & say goodbye to fatigue & Econs, while I say hello to work & happier days (I really hope so)!

Yes, I said work, I didn't lie to you. I finally got a job!!! No more lazing around, doing nothing, waiting for money to drop from the sky, keep saying how I'm broke but not doing anything to save or earn. I'm so glad because the boss at the shop I'll be working at is really nice, and she's only 19!! Same as depressed. She's so successful with a shop of her own yet I'm still in the midst of completing my diploma. *sobsobz*

Been studying all day. Lunch at Ajisen with baby was pretty okay. Too much noodles, I couldn't finish. Or rather, I don't have my usual appetite today. I eat a lot lesser or a lot more when I get too stressed. :/ sighhhhh studying = headache. Econs = headache x 3498327!!!!

Baby told me today that we're going on Singapore Flyer on our next anniversary. I wonder if it's because she screwed up the previous one, thus she make it up this anniversary. But still, I really appreciate it. Why? Despite her fear of heights, she still wanna take me on Singapore Flyer. Thanks baby :> Now I can't wait to go up there with her :D

Friday tomorrow, and I'm not excited. Sissy got a week MC, which means she's gonna be home. How now brown cow? I really need a nice quiet place to study and start memorizing Econs. Baby said if we got the money, she'll book a hotel room just for us to study in peace. Ahhhh I wish :( but money is so precious and cute, I don't wanna waste it like that..I shall just stick to the uncomfy, hard chair and occasionally-cold aircon in the library with noisy guys watching videos, girls with fat fingers typing away.

I just need to bear with it for the next few days. Until 24th July, it shall be the last day I will ever touch on Econs or even talk Econs. Never ever. No fucking more. I will never do anything has gotta do with Econs. It kills too much of my brain cells! Oh, on a lighter note, Chrissy, Shermaine, bff & I will be going for steamboat after our paper on Friday!! <3 Can't wait to hang out with them & talk cock. After the exams, I MUST GO TO JEMI'S PLACE! Been saying this but not doing it at all. DIE DIE ALSO MUST GO OVER!

Ok back to Econs :( sighhhhhh

p/s: i hope things get better between us, baby. i love you :>

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's so painful, so hard, so hurting, then maybe it's best to let go. For you, and for her.

It'll be hard, but maybe then, things can finally start getting better.

July 17, 2009 at 1:47 AM  
Blogger Shinnteo said...

Gotten ur job at Best of Blogshops? That's great. Look 4ward to seeing you there if I happen to go to FEP when I'm free!! : )

July 18, 2009 at 3:46 PM  

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