Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well I guess you'll never know but I finally let you go


Aunt's birthday celebration dinner was at Chilli Padi Nyonya Cafe. Nyonya buffet we had :) The variety of food was a little. I prefer buffet with a lot of choices of food to choose from, so much so that I can't decide what to eat! Then I'll try a little of all :)

Didn't get to take much photos of the food because I was busy taking care of Jenae ^^

Mee siam


Gado gado - my favourite!!

The See sisters!

Look at her tongue!! Hahahaha

Her twist hahaha so cuteeeee

Dad & Mom

Aunt Shirley & Uncle Eric

Uncle Leow & Aunt Ferline

There's a photo of Chester & his girlfriend, Qiu Ling but not nice!!! So I didn't post. (Che, if you want the photos, tell me okay I'll zip & send them to you!) After dinner, we went to walk around Bugis Junction. Boring place, super boring!!!! They bought stuff, we left after that. Kept pestering dad that I wanna go for beancurd & he bought us there with Uncle Eric they all. Yay beancurd!!!!!!

Beancurd with pearls (:

'Cos Uncle Leow they all went to check out this buffet place at Punggol Marina, he suggested to have supper at Macdees. :S super sinful!!!! Nyonya buffet, beancurd, Macdees :/ Had shaker fries, sat around, talked to Qiu Ling. She was very shy as this is the first time she meet the whole family. But I can tell she's very happy to come together with all of us to celebrate Aunt Ferline's birthday. She was having fun with Chester. Really wish to talk to her more though. She looks interesting!! (:

Day out with bb tomorrow! Looking forward, so is she! Thinking of catching a movie. She wants to watch Duplicity but no timing.. Hm, we'll see how!

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