Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'd like to see our roles reversed to watch you hang on every word

First day of work. Saw Claudine, Rachael Gan, Lye Yee & Roaringqueen. Rosental came by, to have dinner with me (thanks sweetie!). Sales was fucking good. I'm so happy just thinking of it right now. Shanelle's very cute. First day of work together & I love her already! Super friendly & extremely random :) Met one half of TE & also DS. I met so many new people today!

Cy was busy, couldn't send me home. So he drove me to Bukit Timah & I took a cab back. Cabbie was very talkative. I was too tired to say anything!! Got home at around 12am with very tired legs... My maid asked whyyyyyyyyy work starts on 31st & on a Friday??????

Interesting fact: I managed to survive standing for 10 hours. Way to go, way to go!

sleep for missy now, nights x

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