Sunday, August 30, 2009

I miss yellow lines in my roads, some color on monochrome

Today I:
x Went out with baby to have lunch at Liang Court as a mini celebration for our 27th month together & bought my instant kimchi soup from Meidi-ya.
x Went to Aunt's place to celebrate Pearlyn's 8th birthday.
x Had my favourite Rive Gauche's Guanaja cake!
x Took lots of photos of Pearlyn with Taf's camera.
x Realied home is my comfort zone.
x felt happy when I remember that I got class tomorrow! Which means I'd be able to spend time with my girls :)
x Am still feeling down.
x Wished you were still a part of me, and not apart from me.
x Thought of a new url :)
x Decided that I will not abandon this blog 'cos it means a lot to me. My readers mean a lot to me too!

On Thurs, at work, this IJ girl came up to me...

IJ girl: Hello, may I know how much is this?
Me: Oh, thirty-four dollars.
IJ girl: Oh.. Thank you. Are you the writer of theklassiquecrime?
Me: Uh......i don't blog there anymore...
IJ girl: Oh yeh.. I read your blog.
Me: Oh okay...

I just never thought I would get to experience this 'cos I'm not a very super famous blogger & all that sort of things. I was surprised & happy, of course.

To whoever that girl was, sorry if I sounded unfriendly :x hahaha say hi again next time!

School tomorrow! L Word for a little bit & off to bed I go :>

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Anonymous Kelyn said...

Hello Glynis, I'm that IJ girl, Kelyn! I wanted to ask you if you were the writer of scripteddrama that day, but I just forgotten this url, so I whipped out about theklassiquecrime! Heh, anw you really look so much prettier in real life! :D's my blog, hope you'll check it out! Anw, have an awesome week ahead, girl! :D

September 8, 2009 at 4:24 PM  

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