Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All sorts of things can happen in your life..things that can happen nowhere else

I hate it when people ask if I've gotten anything or joined any of Nuffnang's activites. Answer? NO I HAVE NOT OK SO SHUT UP. I always thought the chances of winning are really slim. Check out the number of bloggers we have in the Singapore blogosphere. How to win!?!

So yesterday, Nuffnang sent out a tweet..

So I did. Retweeted, direct messaged them my name, url & contact number. In my mind, I was like, I'm not that lucky. They would have given the tickets to Nadnut or Xiaxue, definitely not me. Where got so heng!?! So I didn't bother & continued studying.

Awhile later I went to check my mail..

I was like ......what? No cannot be so heng lor, seriously! Blinked my eyes, in disbelief. Cannot be la!!! I went to check my twitterfox..

OMGWTFBBQ!! HOLY COW I REALLY GOT A PAIR OF TICKETS TO WATCH KOBE BRYANT!!! *dances around in circles* THANK YOU NUFFNANG!!!!!!!!!! In excitement, couldn't breathe, grinning to myself like a mad ass. Told bff immediately, rang baby who was very upset that a lot of her friends are going to watch but she isn't. She was so excited, she screamed over the phone!! :D

And so right now, I'm trying to rush my ass off to publish this post & leave home to meet the silly one at Dhoby Ghaut. Going for early dinner before we head over to Singapore Indoor Stadium!!

Don't worry, visuals, I know, I'll be back with them!!! :D
But post after exams oki dok teeehee!

So from now onwards, I have a different answer if people ask that same question again ;) yay

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow shows that nuffang really works !

July 24, 2009 at 1:29 PM  

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