Friday, July 24, 2009

I love you always, even in the hurricane

Exams are over. End of migraine-filled days with hell lot of notes to be memorized in my hands all the time. Bye Econs, I won't miss you for sure. Bye Mogan, I hope you'll never be seen in my sight ever again. Diploma term one starts in a month's time.. I'm looking forward to it because I'll be attending it with bff, my favourite girl ban & not forgetting Chrissy & Shermaine :)

The paper was okay. I did my best, that's all I know. I don't care if it's a D, I'm okay with it. As long as I passed, I don't care. I just don't wanna redo this whole module ever again!! Chrissy came out after 15 minutes, Shermaine followed suit. I was done in an hour. Swatee left after awhile. Bff was the last to come out. After we were all done, we went off for our steamboat dinner date!! :)

Hello mole

Look at the butter -slups

Shermaine the sexy cook

Tom yum soup base!!!

Tan Quee Lan Street (:

Only after we got on the train then I realised we didn't take a group picture :( :( :(

We were very fickle-minded. At first we sat on the upper deck. Then we moved to the lower deck where the walk way is 'cos that would make space for Rosental ('cos we thought she was gonna make it). We asked for steamboat but when we saw the next table having steamboat & BBQ, we wanted that as well. The smell was too...tempting. Damn nice smell!! We hear the sizzling from the BBQ, couldn't take it, we asked for a change! We were like saying how they'd really hate us & bitch about us & all that amongst themselves hahahaha or even spit into our soup!!!!! Stupid Shermaine keep saying that I look scared & won't drink the soup -.- And she said that Chrissy don't wanna eat the sausage so she 'accidentally' dropped it hahahaha.

$20 per head - damn not worth it for the four of us. All we ate was hotdog, crabstick, meatball, prawns & scallop! But the tom yum soup base was yummy! Very sour, not that spicy for my liking, very nice!!! Thank God Shermaine's good at cooking, she helped a lot! I can't cook, scared :/ I really suck ok I'm sorry guys!!!!

Sat around, chit-chat while our love handles were growing bigger & thicker. Left the place, walked to Bugis Junction. Chrissy bought Chewy Junior 'cos bff told her that Jemi did mentioned before Chewy Junior is nice. We tried the sample & it is really chewy!! Chrissy was damn cute, she had to choose 11 & she was like, "Huh one more!?! Omg..ok this one!" One after another, one after another, until finally the last one, she was like, "No more ah? Wahhhhh.." Hahahahha!

I love hanging out with them :) They totally made me forgot what happened before the exam which kinda worried me 'cos I was concentrating 100% on memorizing & trying to understand, I didn't wanna let my mind wander. More outings with them this term break, I hope!

Celebrating Aunt's birthday tomorrow with Nyonya dinner. Yay I luv Nyonya food!

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Anonymous Camii said...

Hello Glyins,
Congrats on the completion of your exams. Steamboat looks yummy! Where is it? What's the name of the shop? Been tryint to look for bbq steamboat after marina closes and ohh, finally! =D

Hope you've been good!

July 28, 2009 at 7:40 PM  

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