Saturday, January 3, 2009

My life's not on hold for you

I never knew I could feel that much & that's the way I loved you.

I guess you really pissed me off yesterday, very badly. For all that you've said and done? Looking back at last night, venting my anger on the keyboard was so myself. Paid off or not, I don't know but the talk obviously didn't go well.

Went to collect the passport this morning. Had lunch with the folks at Plaza by the Park's Kopitiam :D Bak chor mee heh heh! After that, Dad dropped me off at Plaza Sing. I was early so I went to shop around & bought the sexy beach halter top heh heh..

for $10 @ Cotton On

Cheapskate's my middle name :D Jemi's gonna kill me if she sees this.

Met J & we caught Yes Man!


 The movie was great. Bloody funny la okay hahah I won't watch it again fo'sure. But if mom treats me to Yes Man, heh heh I will :D

After movie, we walked to Heeren, then to Wisma then back to Park Hotel for dinner at Swensen's. Early dinner because J didn't have anything for lunch and we wanted to go back to the night market to get some food :D


After dinner, we went back to my place by train and went to the night market. I kept telling J if I get disbetes she'd know why cos I had two packets of cotton candy over two days. Die dying died dead. We then went to our favourite place and talked the most unhappy thing everrr. Spoil my fucking day. It's you bitch, you and your doings!!!!! >:@ Came back early 'cos J was supposed to meet her mom at her place so I came home & came on. Still in the same clothes.

Should I club tonight, or should I not?

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