Friday, June 26, 2009

A heart can hallucinate if it's completely starved for love

Blackout at Outram Park station?

MJ's news is everywhere. Hell lot of #MJ & #MichaelJackson on Twitter. Makes me really sad seeing all those news reporting about him. Life is short, so unpredictable. Yet another lesson for us all to treasure & cherish all that we have around us before it is too late. Before you know it, they are gone & never coming back again.

Family = Hell. Next, please.
Bff was so sweet, she accompanied me to get my lappie's adapter before class started. Missed the first half hour of class though. Really appreciate it bff (: The adapter costed me $85! I wanted to get the battery as my battery is as good as dead but it is $159. Overspent this month (with I don't know what, seriously), thus I only got the adapter. And like what bff said, I don't bring the lappie out often, the adapter is good enough.

Class was boring, as usual. What's so surprising about it anyway? I was freezing & trying to concentrate without allowing the cold environment affect me. We bought a cup of hot Milo but it didn't make me feel any better. It made my throat really itchy though!

After we were dismissed, bff & I met bb at the mall & we had dinner together at Ajisen!

It's Milo, you want some?

My Cha Shu ramen!
Would've ordered Spicy Cha Shu or Tom Yam if not for my throat :(

Bb & her Tom Yum ramen, very happy

Bff & her Spicy Cha Shu ramen & a lot of requests :/

White fish yum yum

Dinner was superb. Walked out of the restaurant feeling like my tummy's gonna burst any time. Walked around, went Prime before heading home. Bb & bff walked me home before they left.

Happy birthday Jemsy, we luv you :)
P/s: hope you have fun with boyf tmr!!

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Blogger Jems said...

Woah! Old pic sia..Haha! Love u girls too! :D

July 8, 2009 at 1:13 AM  

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