Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's hard to be safe, it's difficult to be happy

The trip was pretty alright, much better than I expected. Spent more than I expected! Bought hell lot of things teehee but yeh, this time I really shopped the blues away. I came back feeling much better, much lighter, much happier. Went without make-up throughout the whole trip, let my face & skin breathe! I'm getting used to my pale look already :)

Day 1
Zel & I only slept at 5am, woke up an hour later to prepare. It was more like a nap, I could barely open my eyes. Crying + sleepless = eye swollen like fuck! Gran was at my place early 'cos Uncle Lee drove her.. Auntie Shirley, Uncle Eric & their two girls cabbed over to our place quite late & I almost fell asleep while waiting!

Budget terminal is really..budget. They only got Hanis(Han's express outlet), Mac's & a magazine stand, that's all. Once you step into the terminal, you can see everything. But good enough, I guess, good for those who wants to fly but tight on cashflow or those who fly all the time. Save costs!

Had breakfast at Mac's, while the adults have their breakfast at Hanis. I love sausage mcmuffin without egg <3 I cut down a lot of cold drinks lately. Been drinking chinese tea, hot coffee, tea or milo. I don't know what got into me but hot drinks is good, especially for us girls. Else the cramps will kill us!


After we checked in, I shopped at the duty-free area & spent close to $60 of Victoria's Secrets! A cosmetic pouch, two eye shadows & one glitter liner! 'Cos Aunt Shirley & I spent above $90, we were given this metallic logo bag! But she let me have it 'cos I was telling mom that it's damn pretty, teehee thanks a lot Aunt Shirley!!


After the boarding gates. See how budget our budget terminal is!? But still, yay for cheaper fares!! Honestly, it was my first (virgin!) ride on a budget air plane. Really budget ok! Dad & I can't stop saying how budget it is. No cushion on the seat, no blankie, no food, no drinks, no entertainment, no newspaper!! We can't complain, can we? We only paid $80 for this ticket! Uncle Eric had this promo thingy, thus the cheap price. I definitely prefer SIA..but who doesn't? For the comfort & entertainment.

We got there in 45 minutes, or even earlier. I sat in the plane with Gran. She's so adorable, the way she signs her name, damn cute! She's a great companion anyway, kept laughing at whatever nonsense I said. She said she don't really like this plane, so I said, "ok wait until I earn enough money I'll charter a plane just for us ok!" & she laughed. How cuteeee :)


Look at Jenae trying to do the peace sign! Damn cuuuute she kept trying t do it but failed haha and kept looking at her fingers weirdly, must be wondering why she can't do it hahaha! The second picture, thanks to Zel, I didn't know she was taking but yeh, I was stoned hahaha. Jenae is so adorable, but very very very naughty!! Even her granny can't stand her, kept telling Aunt Shirley how naughty she was after she comes back from work. Still adorable, anyhow :)

When the van arrives, it took us an hour to get to the hotel. I fell asleep almost immediately after I put on my shades & iPod. Though it was damn hot, the sun shining into the van but I still managed to nap. Too tired, I supposed. Two hours of sleep, totally insufficient! When we got to the hotel, I kept telling sissy that I wanna sleep & can skip shopping for sleep just for today hahaha!


We stayed at The Federal Hotel instead. Was supposed to stay in Marriott but if we were to book, we've to book for four nights instead of just three. So dad sticked to our original plan. The hotel's quite okay..but I wouldn't advice anyone to stay there if you were to go KL. Won't tell you why here, ask me in private & I'll tell you :D

Wonton mee pok for Che
Chicken rice for my maid
Wonton mee for Jermaine
Roasted duck noodles for me & sissy

After resting in the hotel room for awhile, we headed out for food. We were starving!! The noodle house at Sungei Wang is damn good. 'twas our second time there already, damn yummy! Sis was like asking me why I chose to drink chinese tea haha I don't know I just feel like drinking?? I find myself so weird sometimes.

Quick lunch it was. We headed to The Pavilion next. It is a damn big shopping mall! Got all my favourite boutiques there ^^ They were having some BMW show there......


Beautiful, no!?!!!? BMW 325i Convertible!! Damn pretty omg I want it in red pretty plzzzzzzz.

 I forgot the flavour. :/
Had Baskin Robbins! I love BR (L) I wish BR, A&W & Krispy Kreme would come back to SG :( A&W used to be in SG but then I don't know what happened, it closed down. I want their curly fries & root beer float! Baskin Robbins is the best damn ice-cream next to Ben & Jerry's. Never tried Krispy Kreme but I heard that it is awesome. Really wanna try though..

Ain't it pretty? This is the end of my day 1 in KL. Bought a lot there! At the end of this post, I'll show you what I bought from the trip ok! Went back to the hotel & we bought supper. Yummy KFC wedges was rad. Their wedges tastes so good!! It's a MUST TRY when you're there, teehee!

Day 2

Woke up super early for breakfast at the restaurant. Just put on a pair of leggings with a random top from the luggage and off I went. The breakfast sucks. I only had tea, toast, orange juice & sausages. Yum tum tum I want mcmuffin now! After breakfast, I went back into the room to get ready for another long day ahead. Genting!!

Dad's friend came t pick us with his two cabbie friends. We needed three cabs for 13 people. Off we went to Genting!! It wasn't as cold as I thought it'd be. I didn't bring an outerwear 'cos when I asked mom if shorts are ok she said yes so yeh, just casual cooling wear, no need wear so nice. So there. But thank God, as it is the humid period, it isn't that cold up in the highlands.


Taken while waiting for Dad t get tickets :)

Don't ask me what I was doing..I really don't know
Aunt Shirley was so happy but Jenae was damn scared

Had very late lunch at Pizza Hut only at around 3pm. Met the rest later & they had Marrybrown. After that we walked around the place. Mom got two pairs of shoes & we left, back to KL. The ride home was interesting. Accident, village kiddos without shoes, durian trees, big shopping malls, high class hotels. Went back to the hotel first to rest. Headed to Pavilion again 'cos Che bought this Mango top at only S$10 so I pestered mama t go with me. Dad, mom, myself, sis & maid went together. Had dinner at FoodRepublic. The FoodRepublic there is super hugeeeeeee! A lot of different cuisine. I had phad thai noodles (see how much I love Thai food!), sissy had kimchi noodles, maid had sheng mee, mom & dad shared a plate of fried oyster. Bought a lot of Mango omg yay!!!!!! Cheap thrills uh huh headed back to the hotel & they bought supper. It's like a party every night at Gran's room!

Day 3
Suria KLCC + Mid Valley, the two big shopping centers we went. Bought a lot there. Nose, their shoe boutique (something like Charles & Keith), got bandage heels & sandals. Fucking pretty but don't have my size. DAMMIT! Mom bought a pair of mustard heels thee. Damn nice :( Had A&W there too!! Omg curly fries & root beer float~~ Dad bought a shirt from GAP. He kept asking me t buy the pair of boxers but he was rushing me so I said forget it. It's only S$15 :( and they got the navy blue polka dot & red hearts printed one!! I will go get the it at the local GAP boutique, really hope they still have it & in my size! Factory Outlet Store at Mid Valley was huuuuuge! Bought accessories & a few sleeping shorts there. Went bra shopping 'cos it is on sale & it's only S$4.20 each. NO JOKE!! Damn shiok I tell you I grabbed my size & made payment hahaha then we had dinner at Madam Kwan's Nonya Restaurant.

When I was in primary school, I kept praying to God that I want her to be my mom.

Fish & Chip
Chicken Chop which looks more like breaded chicken
Nasi Lemak

Took a cab back to the hotel & we went to walk around Sungei Wang & BB Plaza. Bought a little something for the girls, bff & my lovely girlfriend :D Took quite some time for us t get out of that place. Too many exits!! Next, we went to Haagen Dazs for ice-cream. Cappuccino Truffle & Raspberry <3 the last supper we had there was perfect. Frog-leg porridge, kway tiao, Thai fried beancurd in sweet chilli sauce & KFC. The porridge was deliciousssss!

Aunt Shirley: (to maid) Edna, come, come & eat the porridgeMe: (in dialect) She don't eat frog-leg leh
Mum: Really meh? How come I don't know
Maid: Yeh ok ok (taks a bowl of porridge, with a spoon taking the gravy & all)
Maid: What is this ah mam?
Mum: Frog-leg
Maid: (stop scooping & stones for 5 seconds)
Aunt Shirley: (burst into laughter)

IT WAS DAMN FUNNY. Just imagine us all in pjs & two small tables, everyone sitting together, some on the bed, some on the chairs. Her stoned reaction was damn funny & unexpected!

Day 4
It was father's day but didn't felt like it. Home. I was so damn excited. Not excited about the budget flight back but the feeling of being home, in Singapore again. The good food that awaits me :D Teehee. Once we got home, I unpacked my stuff &we went out for early dinner. Even Laura thinks that it was too early, she replied me on Twitter, "4pm for dinner?" Hahaha so! We went Changi Village for dinner. Dad suggested it. We let him because it was Father's day :)

Wonton meeeeee

Fried carrot cake, shiok only!

And I started sneezing during dinner. Sucks to be me! Damn sick right now. Fever, flu, cough, sore throat. Alicia scared me saying it might be H1N1!!! :( omg I was damn scared, I kept taking my temperature to make sure it's just me feeling feverish but it's not fever.

Today bb accompanied me to the doctor's & I'm feeling a lot better after drinking a lot of water & taking the medicine. Imma go rest after this post. But before I publish, I must show you what I bought this whole trip!!

7 new brassssss

Sleeping shorts from FOS

Victoria's Secret!

Mango tops each only for S$10 omg cheap or wut!?!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

" Bought a little something for the girls, bff & my lovely girlfriend :D " - IM MOST INTERESTED IN THIS! teehee! im craving for carrot cake now can! blooooody hell :(

DID YOU DRINK ANY OF THE LONGAN DRINK? ITS SUPER THIRST QUENCHER!!! meet me meet me bff for our bff day! HEHEHE CANT WAIT FOR THE G...T STORY!! omg im excited!

Ok i buy you the convertible. when i strike rich one day I PROMISE I GET YOU ONE HAHAHAHA we can have 1 each yay i'll paste hello kitty all over and marilyn can drive while yours will be ruby red~ WOW and j can drive too!

A GIRL CAN DREAM. luv chew (L)

June 25, 2009 at 1:25 AM  
Blogger Glynis ♥ said...

bloody hell you no interested in your bff coming back in a piece. hate chewz!

no dlink omg you also didn't tell me where! -.- where got time for bff day sia you so beezeeeeeee like a bee! G.....t story scare you to deathz then you know!

omg meow drive you better be careful! buy a lot of insurance ok :> (sorni meowz but i care for me bffz safety. you also should buy insurance *nods)

ok luv you too bffz :)

June 25, 2009 at 1:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey do you think you could tell me why people shouldn't stay at Federer hotel? I'm going to KL in Oct and was thinking of staying there cause it's convenient. Thanks!!

June 26, 2009 at 5:18 AM  
Blogger Glynis ♥ said...

Hi Anon, I'd say that Federal Hotel is really very convenient. There are a few more hotels near that area. There's one more at Lot 10, opposite Sungei Wang. I don't remember what's the name of the hotel but I stayed there before. :)

Federal Hotel..they don't change bedsheets daily :x I personally don't like it, because most of the hotels I stayed in, they change bedsheets everyday.

June 27, 2009 at 1:55 AM  

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